4 Ways To Use Your Physical Location To Get More customers

We’ve been saying for a long time that the Google Search Results are like real estate.  Each spot worth a certain amount, each number and ranking more or less valuable depending on where it is.  Of course, the prime location, the Times Square of search engine results- is that number 1 organic listing.  That’s where you’re going to get the most traffic, calls, and leads. It’s the spot everyone, in their respective industries, covets.  It’s the prime piece of real estate.  

Here’s the kicker though- we all know how important that organic listing is, and we all know traffic will increase if you land in that spot for your niche.  

But there’s one “location” that helps your traffic and rankings that are rarely considered.  

That location is your business’s PHYSICAL LOCATION. Yep, your address.

In a recent study by MomentFeed (you can read it here) national brands reported that 85 percent (85%!) still chose their local properties over national.  For example, when shopping for the Apple Watch , consumers are far more likely to engage with a local landing page geared to where they are geographical, then compared to Apple’s national page.  While we knew location was important, this certainly compounded it.

I’m willing to bet, however, that you know all of this- if you just look at your spending habits, you will notice you stick pretty close to home.  Gas, food, the gym, gifts, movies, auto services and more all are purchased geographically close to you.  This is true as well, for the consumer you’re trying to reach.  Because of this, it’s time for you use location to your advantage.

Whether you’re the local butcher shop or a multi location business we want to give some tips and tools that will help you target and reach those locally inclined consumers (which, you know, is almost all of them).

Tips on using Location to bring in your customers

1. Get a “Google My Business” page up and running, and PROPERLY

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing what you want to get, googling it, seeing it pop up, and then not being able to find the darn address or phone number.  If a consumer can’t find that information in a few seconds they are usually onto the next.  Plain and simple.  Sure, you could say “They just need to be more patient.” but the fact is that we live in a now society and consumers don’t want to sit around looking for an address. To avoid causing this frustration for your customers do these few things.

And don’t just slap something up real quick. Add the interior and exterior pictures, put pictures of staff, write what you’re about and what you love about the community you live in.  And of course, put that address in there and verify it!  Here’s a good example of “easy to find” and just, “slapping it together.”

Trifer and Darkside all have their address RIGHT THERE. Consumers don’t even have to click a thing.

That third one? How many leads do you think they are getting?  Yeah, probably not much.

When said and done, have your happy customers review you online.  Again- take a look at the first two companies.  They have great reputations and look credible.

If you have more than one location- you’re going to want a different GMB, Yelp, and Facebook so you can put each address in there respectively.

2. Give Directions Like Your Momma

While the address is great and entirely necessary, Customers are far more likely to go to businesses in locations they frequent often and therefore are familiar with.

So instead of just placing the address on your website or landing page- make sure you use landmarks. You know, give directions like your Momma.

No: 11415 Acacia St, Eugene Oregon

Yes:  11415 Acacia St Eugene, Oregon- right in theDelta Oaks Shopping center!  If you passed Joann’s Fabric, you went too far.  Parking in the rear!

See?  Much easier.

3. Demographically Targeted Directions

When it comes to directions, you don’t have to stay in the lines.  The more specific you can be in any form for targeting and marketing, the better.  A great habit to get into when listing directions is cater them to the demographic.

For example, if your coffee shop is between a vegan cafe, a dance studio, and the local Bookstore of Eugene, you can give very detailed directions.  For the vegan customer, “we’re right across the street from Joe’s Vegan Cafe’!” And for the dancer? You got it, “Just next door to Snap Dance Studio.”

So cross those lines and get creative in your directions!

4.  Use those Maps

Maps have come a long way.  Consumers tend to favorite maps that are interactive.  They can scroll out and get a good bird’s eye perspective of where to go.  Make sure to take the time and effort to get the interactive maps on your landing pages, websites, and Social Properties when able.

Here’s a  great example: currently, food trucks are a big deal.  This website lists all the food trucks, and who is currently open goes at the top.  To help everyone find that food truck, there’s an option to see the location in map form. Consumers love this because if they’re driving and hungry, they’re going to pick the closest location (giving they like that kind of food).

So there you have it, ways your address can actually help your business!  By no means is our list exhaustive, what we hope it does it help you think outside the box and get creative.

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