Spider This, Link That: 9 Interesting SEO Facts

If your business has an online presence at all, you surely have heard of SEO by now. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making your web content show up at or near the top of a search engine’s results page. The higher your site ranks, the more likely it is to receive those oh-so-important clicks, and that’s an integral part of the interesting SEO facts we’re going to explore.

Although the premise is simple, SEO is a pretty precise process with a lot going on behind the scenes to make it work effectively. It is an ever-evolving form of marketing that requires creativity, logic, and an understanding of search engine algorithms.

As you’re wrapping your mind around all of this, here’s a look at nine interesting SEO facts.

SEO Fact 1: SEO Involves Spiders

We’re working with the web, after all. These are not the Arachnophobia type creepy-crawlies. They are bots that crawl throughout the web to index all of the information out there. This index is what dictates the results when someone does an internet search. The spiders gather data from sites and deliver it to the search engine’s servers. The data is organized and then provided as search results.

SEO Fact 2: Those Web Crawlers Like Links 

As they are crawling around the web, performing their fantastic indexing feats of strength, they follow links from article to article. This process is pretty similar to how many of us perform searches online. The bots, however, retain all of this data to report back to the search engine. One of the best ways to boost your ranking in search results is for other sites to have links to yours. Pursue those links. It tells the crawlers you’re one of the popular kids and puts you higher on the SERP, which stands for search engine results page.

Check out that link. Reach out and touch it. Do it. It’s glowing. You know you want to.

SEO Fact 3: The Indexing is Incomplete

Busy as the bots are, they have not organized all of the information on the web. Google estimates their bots have completed indexing about .04% of the data out there. So keywords are vitally important. With approximately 5 million terabytes of data on the internet, you need to be sure you show up in searches. Even within the small percentage of completion, that is a tremendous amount of data that is organized and indexed. Be part of it.

SEO Fact 4: Page Speed is Vital

Most of us find it annoying to wait for a page to load, and that alone can be a problem for your site. If a potential customer gets tired of waiting, they are likely to try a different page instead, probably from one of your competitors. But on top of that risk, the speed with which a page loads is a factor in a search engine’s results. A slower speed equals a lower ranking on the SERPs. This is true of mobile sites as well.

Are you fast? You gotta be fast.

SEO Fact 5: Top Five Matters 

Websites that show up in the top five results in a search engine get the vast majority of clicks. About 75% by some estimations. If you are at least somewhere on the first page of results, even if it isn’t in the top five, you still have a chance for some traffic to come your way. If your site is not on the first SERP, the odds are slim that your site will get any clicks. There’s not much love after the first page.

SEO Fact 6: Results Pages Generate Organic Traffic 

That is, people tend to avoid clicking on ads. They prefer to click on an organic result that pops up in the search results and go from there. Does that mean you should never use search engine ads? Not necessarily. They have their role. But you definitely shouldn’t rely on them as your sole (or even primary online) marketing plan. So far, organic searches win out over ads.

SEO Fact 7: Original, Recent, High-Quality Content is Critical

This fact cannot be overstated. If your content is copied from another site or hasn’t been updated in a while or is full of spelling and grammar errors, search engines won’t like it. In fact, duplicate content, even if it’s from within the same site, may not get indexed. Period. So pay attention to this area of your website. It is make-or-break for rankings.

Be original. You gotta do you.

SEO Fact 8: Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Increasingly Important

Research indicates that close to 60% of internet searches happen on mobile devices. Check to be sure your site is optimized for mobile use and that the page load time on mobile devices is fast enough. Mobile optimization is an area you can’t ignore since that 60% stat is likely to rise quickly.

SEO Fact 9: Google Dominates Search Engines

We keep referring to the generic term “search engines,” but, let’s face it, that usually means Google. Nobody ever says at a party, “Hang on a sec. I’ll Search Engine that.” Google commands nearly 75% of online searches, probably surprising no one. But, that means a significant amount of searching is also happening through Bing, Yahoo, and others, so don’t ignore them. Your digital marketing and SEO strategy should target all search engines, not just Google.

Do you feel ready to jump into the realm of algorithms and bots and SEO? If so, fantastic! There is a lot you can do, and you will learn more as you go. If not, no problem. Most people do not want to put their valuable time and energy into this part of running a business. It’s enough work just to create and support your fabulous product or service without having to handle SEO, and digital marketing needs too.

That’s where we come in. The experts at Dominate With SEO will live up to our name. Your business deserves the best, and we happen to be the best. Give us a call today, and we’ll get your stats moving in the right direction.


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