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Agriculture is Our Specialty

Welcome to Romain Berg. We are “focused on results, not hype.” Nowhere is this truer than within our Agriculture service sector. Sam Romain, one of our founders and the COO of Romain  Berg, is an Ag specialist. His professional history and education in the Ag industry run long and deep. Direct farming experience includes everything from driving sugar beet trucks in North Dakota to scouting and walking the fields in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Sam worked in the dairy industry helping farmers maximize forage quality and growth in WI but found his “true love” when he began to incorporate digital technology with the ag industry. He started by creating crop health assessments via aerial imagery for a large farming equipment firm, but it didn’t end there. Sam also has direct experience in precision agriculture from installing auto-steer equipment to programming remote sensing applications for custom applicators. Sam also has an Agricultural Business degree with an emphasis on both Precision Technology and Sales and has also done extensive research in Crop & Soil health. Sam has touched nearly every part of the farming industry. Sam not only built systems and processes designed to ride the waves of technological advancements, but also controlled tech development, sales, and marketing of aerial imagery and precision ag. Sam caught the internet marketing bug with his deep dive into creating essential agricultural tools and making them both visible and sellable online. Getting seen is easy with Romain Berg at your side.  Contact us today and let us drive your ag industry visibility and “clickability” in all the ways that count.

The Troubles in Agriculture Today

Back in the “old days,” farming was simple. Families grew a few crops to feed their livestock and to sell on the market, a vegetable garden to feed the family and provide a little extra spending money, and had a few cows or pigs for milk and meat throughout the year. Nearly everyone had a direct connection to Agriculture. Subsistence farming and domestic agricultural markets were the norms until the mid-1930s. With the advent of crop hybrid technology, a wave of growth in the ag industry swept across the US. Today, farming has become a complex web of exporting, foreign and domestic market drivers, and yes, politics. Throw in our changing climate and increasingly violent and unpredictable weather patterns, and you’ve got an industry rife with volatility.

Three Major Agricultural Challenges

The agricultural industry has irreversibly grown from being a somewhat predictable model where the significant concerns were droughts, bugs, and floods. Of course, you can’t predict when those concerns will become reality, but you knew the risks involved. Today, we have three primary market drivers that affect everyone from the small family farmer to the large seed manufacturer, and all the people in the supply chain. These drivers are:
  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Market Forecasting
Weather: Our changing climate is creating wildly unpredictable and severe weather patterns. We are seeing flooding in the corn belt in epic proportions. And in the past few years, frequent and devastating hurricanes in the southeast and east coast. Don’t forget the years-long drought in the west. Growing seasons are changing categorically, which affects crop yields, farming equipment, and crop technology like seed hybrids and pest control. Politics: Gone are the days when food was just food. Even though we use a significant amount of our domestic corn, soybeans, “in-country,” we export a large proportion of those crops internationally. We do this not only because we have a surplus of grain and can sell it globally to increase profits, but also to make friends with other countries. Sometimes, our government will also use our bountiful “bread basket” to leverage foreign relationships with countries who may not be so “friendly.” (By adding tariffs, for example, on our exported crops.) Market forecasting: So, both weather and politics play a pivotal role in the value of crops, influencing the entire agricultural industry. For example, when a flood flattens a corn crop in Iowa, supply diminishes, which can push corn prices higher. If there is a US tariff on corn exported to Romania, their demand for our corn may drop, which, in turn, could further drive down the price of corn.

An Online Marketing Strategy That Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Since we live in increasingly volatile political and climatic times, the ag industry is constantly changing too. Growers to equipment manufacturers, seed producers, fertilizer and pest control companies; everyone must stay “on their toes.” It takes dynamic digital responses to make sure product solutions are leading edge, visible, and usable in the mass market. Having a nimble and relevant online marketing strategy is the best way to stay ahead of the market trends. You want to keep innovating inside your company to solve the problems of today’s agriculture customer base. That’s what we do at Romain Berg. We create an online marketing strategy that is customized to your individual corner of the Agricultural industry. We make sure your company, products, and services are consistently and adamantly in front of your ideal client base; the base that needs them most and is prepared to click the “buy” button. If you make a flood-resistant seed hybrid that will thrive in a shorter growing season, the world needs to know about it. If you make a more efficient tractor that will save your farmers thousands of dollars and cut carbon emissions on fuel, your customer base (and the world) need to find out where you are and how your product solution will work for them. Romain Berg is your partner in staying ahead of market trends, getting your products seen, and educating your customers at the very outset of their product and service needs. We grow your “true fans” reliably, expediently, and expertly every time you work with us. With Romain Berg at the helm you can expect:
  • SEO – Including the following activities:
  • Website Audit
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO / Link Building
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitive SEO Analysis
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Content Writing from our award-winning content team
  • Reputation Management
  • Website design based on principles known to draw in your audience
  • Textual Site Analysis – Built on IBM Watson.  We developed software built on IBM Watson to analyze text and provide insights into your brand voice.
Your company and product innovations become visible at precisely the right times and in the right circumstances. Your customers get served with your unique voice as well as your product and service solutions in real time when the need is high. Fill out the form below, we are excited to get to work on your online marketing strategy in ways that work for you. We deliver results, not hype.

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