Ahrefs vs UberSuggest vs Google Keyword Planner

“Build it, and they will come.” Except you’re not Kevin Costner building your Field of Dreams, and your customers are not scepters of former baseball legends. Still though, if you are building something, your “they” will come. You are an entrepreneur (or fellow SEO nutbag like us) and you want to get your site (or your client’s site) ranking for some seriously good keywords. Yep- it’s time to take over the competitors and kick some serious ass. So where do you start? You start by finding those good keywords and planning your content. You look at the data, you go down the rabbit hole, and you find your golden nuggets. In the world of SEO there are a ton of programs that swear to be the best for analytics and data. However, when all of them are boasting to be the best, how do you choose? How do you know which ones are actually good, and which ones should be sent down to the pit?
Don’t panic, we’re going to be nice and just tell you. We do a lot of keyword research and look at a lot of data, and have used quite a number of different programs. We decided to compare three popular Keyword tools (Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner) and give our honest opinion. We suffered through trying them all and don’t want it to be in vain. It’s really for selfish reasons. Just know- there’s a very clear winner and two very clear losers.

Keywords planner

Let’s get started, shall we?


AHREFS is the MLB of the internet keyword researching websites. It’s a powerhouse of information. The thing that sets AHREFS apart in keyword research is that it’s just that awesome. We don’t even have the words to adequately describe the differences. All the other tools are tofu, and Ahrefs is the steak. There’s just no other way to put it. You can look at the keyword difficulty, how many searches it has each month, and most importantly how many clicks the search gets. And there are lists you can make. And websites you can watch. And content explorer to see social shares. And a ton more but there’s no time for that. Just trust us.

ahrefs keyword tool

Our Honest Opinion

If you’re strictly an SEO guru that hates writing, this is perfect. It takes all the guesswork out of content and just gives you a very clear, data-driven approach to take. Also- if you love data and tracking keywords you’re trying to rank for (or trying to get your client to rank for) this is for you. And the data you can dig through, the goldmine of keywords with high search volume and low difficulty is kick ass. Sometimes we’ll even go do KW research on Ahrefs for some good old fun. We give Ahrefs two very enthusiastic thumbs up. And a high-five. And chest pump.


Free is pretty much the best thing on the planet. Except when it’s not. Ubersuggest is free and from none other Neil Patel, and it is one of the sites that will help you come up with fresh content ideas for blogs and website copy. There are a couple of steps to utilizing this tool to help you with selecting the blog ideas and keywords that are optimal for your blog topics and overall website.


  1. Enter Ubersuggest
  2. Enter desired keywords. For example, if you have a paint your own pottery business, it might be counter-intuitive to find topics for your blogs based on fictional baseball players. However, if someone is looking for baseball-themed pottery, that might help you come up with some blog topics for your business. So type in words “baseball” + “pottery” and hit enter.
  3. Take a look at all those options! The broader your keywords, the more opportunities you have to go through. Sometimes if your keywords are too broad, you could be wasting time slogging through options that are nowhere near what you were thinking of for blog topics. Play around with this tool for a bit, until you can get an idea of what kind of keywords work for you and your business brand.

Our Honest Opinion?

We think Neil Patel is brilliant when it comes to content, but we also think people should stay in their lanes. You know what I am saying? No? Well- Neil Patel is a master of Content and Copy. He’s is not a master of data and will never compare to the powerhouse that is Ahrefs. Stay in your lane, Neil.

Google Keyword Planner

Oh my, where do we start. Ok, the facts first. Yes, we’ll start there. Let’s go over how it works.

google keyword planner

  1. Enter your keyword. Google will spit out the options and keywords associated with the words you typed in. The broader the keyword, the more results will spit out by the program.
  2. Choose which topics you want to write about for your blog and then just burn your computer.

Our Honest Opinion

No. Nope. No. Ahrefs all the way. Do not even bother here. Run, run far away. I mean, if you like data that’s not accurate then by all means, go for it.


Ahrefs wins. Use Ahrefs. Love Ahrefs. You’re welcome.

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