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In advance, we are not being paid for this article. This is a subject we’ve had many questions on, so we’re presenting you with what we know about the Amazon affiliate program, aka Amazon Associates.

So, obviously, you want to make some money from blogging. We mean, sure, why not?

Affiliate marketing might be your perfect solution. Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s products. According to $mart Passive Income:

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and money creating a product to sell. You can begin selling something as an affiliate as soon as you have a platform to sell it on.

On Amazon Affiliatesamazon affiliate screenshot

Maybe it’s time to consider the Amazon Affiliate program for your business. It’s an excellent way to monetize your blogs. Amazon recognizes the power that blogs and reviews have in influencing purchases of their products and thusly are willing to share a little of their profit to boost their sales. It’s FREE to join their affiliate program and takes little effort to set up and start making money.

Shocking information here, but Amazon carries millions of products. Nearly all of those products are available for affiliate marketing. The possibilities are endless. You can make up to 10% commission on the purchases made not only on the product you are advertising but also on other products in their cart. Making commission on the additional items is where this program can make you some serious bank. Heck yeah. This feature alone has the potential to boost your commission exponentially.

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How it Works: Amazon Associates

Unpacking a delivery

If you have decided that your company is ready to affiliate, thankfully setting up the affiliate program is relatively simple. Link the product you have selected to your page with information about that product. Your link will bring them directly to the Amazon product in the Amazon marketplace. When they purchase the item, you will receive the commission on the sale. Cha-ching!

Bringing a customer to the Amazon e-commerce site through your affiliate link gives you a 24-hour window on all their other Amazon purchases as well. You will get the commission on anything they purchase through Amazon in the next 24 hours, even if they end up not buying the product you promoted. That’s pretty stellar.

As an example, say your Amazon Affiliate link is for a bicycle pump and the customer clicks on the link that brings them to Amazon’s marketplace. They decide not to buy that pump, but since they are on the Amazon website, they choose to buy a sofa. You STILL get the commission on the sofa.

Let’s say they don’t close the deal within 24-hours, but they DID put the item in the Amazon shopping cart. The customer has 89 days to finalize the purchase for you to get the commission on the sale. You will not get any commission for sales tax, gift wrap, shipping, and any other non-tangibles associated with the product sale. Amazon will remove any commission from your account if a customer returns an item for a refund. You will be able to see these transactions on your dashboard.

In the case of a customer clicking on multiple different affiliate links, only one will get the commission. The trick is having your link be the one they click. SEO will assist you in the venture. Ranking the page is the key to having the traffic. The better the ranking, the higher up on the search results page you will be.

The (Non-Monetary) Benefits

Red gift box with white ribbon and bow.

As many already know, there is no need for you to have your own e-commerce site. Amazon is currently the TOP internet retailer, so partnering up is pretty much a given if it’s an option for your company. So many people shop on Amazon anyway, making it that much easier for you benefit from a sale.

Amazon provides a convenient dashboard for you to track the transactions related to your links. The dashboard has typical diagnostics such as an earnings summary. You will be able to tell which ads have the highest conversion rate, how much commission you receive on each product, as well as how much commission you received for the other random items in shopping cart.

Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself. Go to the Amazon Affiliate Program site where you can read more of the program’s details. Remember that prospective purchasers cannot click on your Amazon link if they never make it to your page. Your page has to be optimized.

A new blog with minimal traffic will find the money making to be very slow or nonexistent. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as usual, can fix many of your online existence problems. SEO will improve your website ranking and help more people to see your product link.

[bctt tweet=”Getting traffic to your site is the most significant challenge in making an affiliate site a success.” username=”DominateWithSEO”]

The Downside

Amazon Affiliate will provide a series of tools such as banners, pictures, links, and more. The trick is knowing how to use them. Overuse of these products can make your page load slowly. We all know what that means. People don’t wait around for the loading to happen. They will most likely leave your site and find a different website that actually works. Amazon also offers some holiday and seasonal promotions. Another potential problem is if you misuse the tools, the banners and ads could make viewing content on a mobile device difficult.

Using the Amazon Affiliate program is easy; however, there are a few things that will result in deactivating of your account. Your account must be active within a 30 day period, or it will Amazon will close your account. In Amazon’s mind, they will pay you well if your site is active, but if not, you’re out.

Finally, don’t abuse the affiliate links and SPAM them through mass e-mail or social media. Amazon prides themselves on reputation and does not want to be associated with spamming or other less than favorable boosting techniques.

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Affiliating: A Smart Choice

In short, the Amazon Affiliate program can make you a decent chunk of change. Get in and stay apart of the program by having good content on your site, follow Amazon’s rules, bring people to your site, and encourage the purchase. This process sounds easy, but without SEO, the fruit will most likely wither on the vine.

Romain Berg can help raise your ranking, but they can also provide original content showcasing your affiliate link and selected products. Dominate with SEO content will follow Google’s SEO standards and prevent your affiliate account from drying up on the vine. Contact us today. Let’s dominate.

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