Is Your Online Business Targeting the Right Audience? 6 Ways to Get It Right.


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Niche your way to success.

The internet of things is both a boon and the source of a bust for small business. E-commerce makes it possible for anyone to hang a shingle online and make a sale. Great! However, everyone and their brother already knows this. Boo! How’s your audience analysis these days?

So, now the internet is crawling with online businesses trying to grab a tiny corner of a very crowded market for all the services or products we could ever want or need. Hell, there’s even a booming market for the stuff we don’t know we want or need yet.

How do you compete with that? You know it is your driving purpose to put what you make into the world and to get paid for doing that. So how do you make it happen? The answer is simple: Know. Your. Audience.  And then, sell your stuff specifically to them and no one else.

At Romain Berg, we know precisely how to get your stuff in front of the people who will click the “buy” button. Put our extensive marketing and SEO expertise to work for you in any stage of your business. Call today and let’s get you noticed online.

Learn to rock audience analysis.

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Statistics show that in small business, you need about 1000 true fans to build a viable organization. There is work involved in grabbing those people, for sure. But the real work lies in defining who you serve and why.

This discernment is how you begin to create your audience. Also, your audience is more than just the people who purchase from you. Keep reading to learn how all of this works:

  1. Who are you, and what do you make or do? You may think you make yoga pants. Or, you may think you provide change management. And on the surface you do. However, the key to defining your audience is to be able to align with their story. What is the endgame of your product?

In the yoga pants example, you may be providing relief, relaxation, and style to a curvy customer who has struck out time and time again finding pants that fit. When people feel good in what they wear, they are more confident and feel better about themselves all day long. Your pants just did that.

For the change manager, what you do may extend to helping a customer maintain the flow and profitability of their business while switching to an entirely new sales or web platform. You can help them do that without pissing off clients or employees along the way. A calm business is a happier and more productive business, and you help make that a reality in the face of a big upset.

  1. Who do you think your “endgame” would resonate with the most? Back to yoga pants.  A curvy person who may be attracted to what you offer. A younger demographic may gravitate toward the flashy, original prints you feature, as well as your price point.  A “maverick” personality will feel completely comfortable wearing your pants to a meeting, styled with your trendy shirt and earrings to complete the edgy look.

See what we did there? We just created your market by trying to tell a story about what your product does in the mind of a potential customer. This story is called a buyer persona, and you can flesh it out to the smallest detail of what your target customer may be thinking, feeling, or doing in their lives.

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  1. Where do you think your people are hanging out?


A young boy search under rocks for what he is looking for

Now that you have a persona, (or two or three, depending on how many products you offer), you have to figure out where they live, play, and work.

Are they on Facebook? Instagram? Reddit? Each social media platform attracts different kinds of people, so start looking around. Join online or social media discussion groups. Follow several demographic-specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. You can even poll your friends and family who fit your buyer persona to see where the action is for those demographics.

  1. Start speaking their language. Now that you’ve found a few of your target audience hang-outs, you need to start connecting with them. Join online discussion groups, go to local events, host a meet-up, and follow organizations that serve your demographic. Verify what’s vital to the folks you’re trying to reach and start talking about how your service will fill their needs in your unique way.
  2. Invite them in. Now, give your new audience an offer. This offer should be a way to get to know you on a more profound level. Often, this means creating a bit of free content or shipping out a swag item at a super low price. They don’t know you yet, and you want to start building trust.

Your audience needs a way to break the ice with you. In exchange for your freebie, you can collect an email address or have them fill out your short survey so you can get even more data on how they purchase, or what they are looking for right now.

     6. Select the people you want a deeper connection with, and ask for the sale.

Person holding an invitation to work with him

Of the people who took you up on your intro offer, a percentage of them could be interested in your bigger ticket items, your subscription service, or meeting you for an online consultation. Be willing to go deeper with your audience relationship and to find out what the needs and wants of your new customer family may be.

Let your products speak to their deepest desires and make them accessible to your unique audience. If you have a prestigious product, and your audience cares little about the expense, then you are selling the feelings that your product or service delivers. Highlight the status, luxury, self-importance, or accomplishment that your product offers.

If your audience is budget-conscious, price your products in such a way that their “yes” to your sales pitch feels like an excellent value for them but still makes money for you.

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Creating your ideal audience involves work and attention, but is a pretty simple process. Just like with any friendship, you have to spend time getting to know your customer before you can start asking them to do things for you, like buying your product.

At Romain Berg, we help you create the audience analysis strategy that works best for your online business. And we help you stick with it, so you get all the sales you can handle from a carefully-crafted base of raving fans.  We know how this works, so fill out a contact form, and get seen by all the right people online.

About the Author

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

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