Do you Canva? Using Canva to Power Your Social Media Marketing Success




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Screen shot of a variety of social media background templates, multi-colored, many themes

When it comes to social media marketing, your eyes may glaze over as you fill your brain with metrics, numbers, and well-meaning but pretty dull advice. Fortunately, here at Romain Berg, we have the perfect tool to help you bring the fun back into your brand: welcome to Canva!

Contact us today to create a Canva marketing and branding strategy that converts.

What Is Canva?

For those not yet in the know, Canva is a graphics design program. Canva allows its users to let their imaginations run wild and create compelling visual content, including posters, social media graphics, presentations, logos, banners, and more. 

These images can form a critical element of your brand and help you to establish a unified, consistent presence across a range of social media platforms.

There are a rich array of templates, fonts, images, and illustrations included with the program, which means you can play around with an idea until you hit on the perfect finish. 

You can really go to town on what helps to define your brand voice and image, both super important aspects of engaging with existing and new audiences.

How Does Canva Work?

a view of 3 themed marketing templates or print ads, in pink and turquoise
One of the significant advantages of Canva is how easy it is to use. The platform comes with pre-designed graphics for pretty much any occasion. 

Whether you are keen to design a killer new ad or want to bring your eBook dreams to life, there are handy templates that are perfect for helping you start. Already know what you want? Start from scratch with a brand new ‘custom project’ and enjoy total creative control.

Most of the functionality of Canva is drag and drop, and this helps to make it super simple to use on both mobile and desktop modes. Add your custom photos, or choose from the library of stock options. 

You’ll also want to play around with fonts, colors, layouts, and styles to your heart’s content; a fantastic opportunity to bring your vision to life. Generating a personal, recognizable brand image to run across your entire marketing campaign is easy-breezy with Canva.

Upgrade Your Experience

There are two main options available when it comes to using Canva: a free version and a paid subscription. It comes as a shock to nobody that the paid subscription is the best way to enjoy the platform to its full advantage.

The “pro” Canva option is the perfect weapon to include in your social media arsenal

The paid version – Canva Pro- allows you unlimited storage for your photos, projects, and assets, and this can be a real godsend if your brand is image-heavy. 

In addition, the Pro version allows you to upload your own images to use in marketing material. Image upload is essential for adding a personal touch to your content. 

Further, you’ll have access to the extensive image library, which boasts over 400,000 free templates, images, and illustrations, and a truckload of photographs for a bargain price of just $1 a picture.

Don’t get us wrong – the free version of Canva is an excellent initial investment and a perfect chance to try out the features and benefits available on the platform. For long term use, however, spending a little cash in the early days will allow you to get the very most from the service.

Why Do Images Matter? 

a group of shapshots floating over an open palm

Why should you bother with Canva? Can it help your business? The short answer to this is “hell yeah!”

Human beings are primarily visual creatures, and research shows that images can have a significant impact on potential traffic, clicks, and overall conversion. People tend to remember visual information up to 6 times more effectively than if they read or hear the info. 

A vibrant visual is far more likely to grab the attention of your audience more effectively than a block of text.

Our brains also favor images and take just 1/10 of a second to understand them. This helps to speed up the conversion process by ensuring your audience remembers your product for all the right reasons.

Fun fact: sites with pictures enjoy a 47% increase in click-throughs, as well as 94% more views.

Images are essential for grabbing initial audience attention, but they can also help to personalize your brand. Social media takes a wide variety of forms, from Facebook and Pinterest to Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube. 

It is vital that your customers can pick you out of a crowded market and that your logo, design, style, and image are all instantly recognizable to your audience.

Creating a set theme to your social media posts adds consistency. This helps to invoke an image of professionalism and reliability; all of which are invaluable to driving sales.

Customers enjoy the sense that they are part of a group or organization, and loyalty is a significant part of sales growth as well as referral traffic. 

By creating coherent marketing material that shares common factors, you invite your audience to join your ‘tribe.’ This sense of belonging goes a long way to generate brand loyalty. 

How Can Canva Help Me?

Young business person working on tablet and shows the inscription: YOUR STORYBy giving you the option to create and design your own marketing material from scratch, Canva gives you full reign over your brand identity; i.e. the way in which the world sees you. 

Cultivating a specific font, style, outline, image, and color scheme allows you to put a stamp of recognition on your business. Recognition goes a long way in your overall visibility.

Further, Canva offers the chance to add your unique photographs. Customized imagery is a perfect chance to add a touch of individuality to your brand, which makes you more recognizable in a crowded market. 

Creating a brand story with the help of Canva is crucial to generate and build authentic relationships between the audience and the organization. Cultivating trust through marketing maintains and grows your audience and your sales in the long run.

Transform Your Business

A huge part of making your brand relatable, accessible, and appealing to your audience is to have a strong sense of who you are. Images and visuals are the perfect way to achieve this identity. Much can be conveyed by picking a particular font, a certain shade, or a specific picture.

Canva allows you to add the finishing touches to your marketing and image for an extra layer of care and appeal to your customers. 

Here at Romain Berg, we commit hard-core to getting your brand message across to your desired audience in the best way for your business. Once you get familiar with Canva and all it can do for you, give us a call to help push your message out to the masses. 

With our experienced SEO and digital marketing team, we deliver results over hype.




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