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an audience of people wearing protective medical masks for protection from virus

Covid-19: What a roller coaster on all fronts of life is this Novel Coronavirus. Nowhere do business owners feel the disruption more than in how to keep existing customers and attract new ones in the face of every kind of uncertainty.

Hang with us as we break down why you should dramatically pivot your marketing strategy at this time of world crisis. And let’s talk about how changing your marketing tactics can be simple to plan and easy to roll out. 

Romain Berg is a comprehensive digital marketing firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We deliver traffic and conversion results, not hype, even in the face of brutally fast market changes. 

Fill out our contact form today, and we’ll help you navigate these tricky marketing times for sustainability and eventual triumph when we all come out on the other side of Covid-19.

First, shift all your expectations

Young business owner contemplating his financial expectations, sitting at a table with his chin on one palm With conversions across most sectors down between 10 and 50 percent in the last three weeks, it’s essential for business owners to change their conversion expectations now and for the foreseeable future. 

Here’s the stark reality: People everywhere have uncertain short and long term financial outlooks, and purchasing naturally follows consumer optimism trends. 

No one (except maybe those who work in the grocery industry) is optimistic right now about how long their paychecks will arrive uninterrupted. Plus, many people have already lost their jobs or will lose them soon. 

Not to mention the threat of becoming ill and potentially landing in the hospital, or transmitting the disease to loved ones.

Right now, your KPIs should focus on overall traffic, building your email lists, and engaging meaningfully and supportively with your audience. Trust, transparency, and ethical leadership are your most valuable currencies in turbulent times like with Covid-19. 

Your customers are all looking for a message of safety, security, and most importantly, honesty.

Build brand recognition by becoming a trusted mainstay in your industry

Man solving problems by building bridge with wooden block to span a gap for little businessman walking across in a conceptual retro toned image. Creatively finding ways to inform, stand by, or connect with your audience at all levels from audience members to raving fans can only help you during this time.

You can do this by:

  • Continually updating your website to advise users of valuable information like pricing changes, special offers, inventory, shipping delays, or relevant regional and community announcements.
  • Inviting commentary or questions from your audience and providing extra manpower to address individual customer concerns quickly.
  • Shift your content away from any “salesy” pitches. Instead, position some or all of your products and services as essential to customers at this time. Consider how you can lower costs and increase support by perhaps specially pricing your stuff until the current time of crisis ends. Or, if you keep your pricing the same, think about what “value-add” elements you can offer at no extra cost. You can promote these offers on your landing page while they are active. Be sure you use the utmost of sensitive language. You’re out to help, not to sell.

Shift your marketing budget away from all in-person events

Young man, entrepreneur, freelancer sits at home on couch at coffee table, uses smartphone, working on laptop with graphs, charts, diagrams on screen.Online marketing,education, e-learning. Startup. Since no one will be gathering in large numbers for the foreseeable future, it’s time to recalibrate your marketing budget. If you planned on attending any conferences in 2020 or beyond, it’s likely those marketing models may change drastically.

PPC and social media ad buys as well as organic SEO will become even more crucial to generating and maintaining traffic and engagement, as so many people are stuck at home. Those people have way more time to scroll on their phones and other devices, and you want to be ahead of that curve. 

Hiring a trusted partner to help you craft the most effective advertising content and purchase your most relevant keywords for PPC campaigns is a smart investment right now. If you’re not confident in your ad production, your audience will know it. 

Remember, trust and leadership are your customer currency all the time, but especially in uncertain times like these.

Be brave and double down on marketing that works in the new normal

Afroamerican man walking on rope high in sky. Mixed media We all have a way to go before we finally see concrete marketing outcomes from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you can use this time to strategically dominate your market that may be devoid of so many competitors right now. 

In other words, if you notice a gap in your market, be the first to fill it, and don’t be shy about telling the masses scrolling on the couch. The key is to make yourself so visible, supportive, transparent, and authentic that everyone remembers your name when they have money and confidence again.

Growing that level of trust and leadership takes consistency, a strong brand message, and clarity about who you’re trying to reach. If you don’t have those things already, there’s no time like the present to get help defining your audience, message, and mission in this new and evolving situation.

Romain Berg: digital marketing results no matter what

No matter what industry you call home, we’re all caught off guard by this massive paradigm shift for business. At Romain Berg, our job is to pivot as quickly as the digital landscape does. 

No matter what the current climate, Romain Berg uses real-time data to craft customized digital marketing strategies for each client we serve. Our business model is to evolve continually, just like the internet. 

We’ll meet you exactly where you are, provide unlimited transparency in our practices, and the reliability of over 40 years of collective SEO and digital marketing experience. We’ll create a marketing strategy that meets your changing needs as well as your budget, especially in the face of Covid-19.

Give us a call today, and let’s get you out of the Covid-19 spin. You can do this. We can help.




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