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Begin as you mean to go on.

Business startup to-do list

Welcome to business ownership and launch.  Whether you are a newly minted owner or your first business rodeo was decades ago, launching a new business is a big job. Digital marketing for startups like yours should be a priority, but often gets lost in the launching shuffle.

With systems to enact, staff to hire, licenses to obtain, and product to make or services to provide, your digital marketing strategy may feel relegated to the way-back seat of the biz launch station wagon.

At Romain Berg, we assume all the digital marketing heavy lifting for your startup.  We optimize your fledgling business from web design to expert and ongoing SEO engagement to evergreen content.  Call us today to embark upon your winning digital marketing strategy, and you won’t stay a fledgling business for long.

We want to help you get started on the right digital foot, and there are a few things you should be doing before and at the start of your launch. Read on for some easy and fast ways to lay a good foundation for your digital growth in any sector.

First, you need a budget.

calculator and budget binder

Many new and veteran business owners make the error of “forgetting” to set a marketing budget as part of their startup costs.  Make no mistake; you’ll regret it if you don’t account for this essential business expenditure early on.

Setting a marketing budget may sting a little in the beginning while you are building your sales traction and momentum.  However, look at your marketing budget as an essential part of getting paid and paid well.

Current statistics place the average company’s digital media expenditure at 11 percent of their annual revenue. As a brand new business, you will likely need to spend a bit more than that fraction of your projected income to get seen and heard online as you launch.

Remember, the old adage is true.  You need to spend money to make money, but with the right digital strategy, your expenditures should be eclipsed by your revenue in relatively short order.

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Second, clearly define your clientele.

map with customer target tack

Now, we have to get you some customers. Whether you are a B2B business or selling your goods and services directly to consumers, you need to discover where all those people who need what you’re selling are hanging out online.

Hopefully, you’re doing some pre-launch homework in the form of focus groups, social media crawls, and regional analysis, to name a few useful tools. You’ll discover the hiding and living places of the people and companies whose problems you can solve.

You may also want to spend some time learning what words people use to describe their problems.  What questions are they asking for which you have the answers? What real result are they seeking?

For example, your customers may need your new widget, but the question they ask may be along the lines of “how can I make (insert process) easier?” You’ll want to make note of all the words used around your product as well as the direct descriptors.

These words of query used by your would-be customers are called seed keywords.  It’s useful to have this basic list written up as you move forward with SEO, either independently, or with us at Romain Berg.

High search rankings for your business begin with lists of company-specific seed keywords. We build your rank from there in many more complex and deeper ways.

Third, set up the digital basics.

WEb design screen graphic

Yes, you need a website. Yes, you may want a social media presence, even if you are a B2B business model. Yes, you need fresh and consistent content that is searchable and find-able early on.

Your website should be functional, pleasing to the eye of your target audience, and have easy pathways to purchase your product or contact you directly.  You can spend as much as you like on your website, but bear in mind that you will surely want it to evolve as you get more comfortable in your business “skin.”

There’s nothing wrong with starting simple and adding complexity and depth to your site as you evolve in your business plan. Be sure to choose a web designer who can grow with you and who doesn’t hold you hostage by keeping ownership of your site.

At Romain Berg, we build and optimize your site from launch to eternity, if you like, but you have full ownership of all your site operations. Once we build it, it’s yours and yours alone.

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You’ll want a digital calendar.

And we don’t mean for keeping your appointments, although there are plenty of apps for that too. We mean that your digital updates, blog posts, social media posts, and everything else should be regular, consistent, relevant to your industry and your audience, and continually updated.

How is your SEO?

The digital landscape changes daily, and you should be as agile as you can to keep up and keep your search rankings high.  Search Engine Optimization is a primary component of making sure your audience knows about you and can easily find what you have to offer.

Meta tags, backlinks, and searchable keywords make up a small slice of the SEO pie.You can perform a few of these SEO tasks on your own on your website platform.

You can go back to your “seed keyword” list to get started down the road of adding tags and keywords to your SEO settings on your web platform.  Better yet, let us build your site from the ground up with a total, “hands-off” optimization for you.

When you’re ready to “go big or go home,” Romain Berg uses a comprehensive SEO strategy to enhance your entire digital footprint.

From continual  SEO website audits, backlink building, evergreen content, to the latest in AI vocabulary-to-personality audience matching, your superior search rankings are what we do best.

Digital marketing for startups is an essential part of your launch success. At Romain Berg, we get that you have more than enough to do already.

Let us be your digital marketing partner and launch with both confidence the highest visibility to get you noticed fast and paid well. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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