Google AdWords and You: A Primer and Strategy Guide

We already know your company is good at what they do. We’ve watched you spend long hours and endless elbow grease shining that reputation. This was no overnight success. So how do you keep pushing that momentum forward?

If you’re ready to continue to growing your business’ name, an attempt at expanding your market and finding more clients with Google AdWords is essential. As we may have mentioned a time or two (or every time we talk), Search Engine Optimization is an efficient strategy to take your company to the next level. Google Adwords is easily beneficial because with relative ease, your business can still compete as a small business without a large business budget. This also means you’re likely to witness fairly key improvements to your online ranking.

How To: Google AdWords

Why Google AdWords? Well, the objective of Google AdWords is to get more views and more essential searchers to take action and use your services or products, or what we refer as a conversion. Thankfully, your Google ranking is not based on the size of your company or its profit margins. Instead, Google ranks by content relevance. Really, this is one of the most exciting characteristics of Google AdWords. You can enhance your ratings not only by the content of your page, but through creating what Google calls a “campaign,” or each set of unique ad(s) you buy with Google.

Google AdWords is an auction of keyword searches. With millions of searches entered per minute, Google provides ample opportunity for conversions for your business’ revenue. They use their opportunity to get in front your customers by selling their platform to the highest bidder (hopefully you, but for the lowest price).

Google AdWords without a Marketing Department?

Yes, even a mom and pop shop can take advantage of Google AdWords. Remember, essentially, if the latest generations can’t find you in a Google search, you practically don’t exist online. If you have a website and don’t come up on the first SERP (search engine results page), you don’t have much pull.

Most searchers won’t scroll to the next page or any pages that follow. We know we rarely do.

Better Keywords for the Win

To rank higher, you need to work on creating marvelous content featuring the exact keywords or keyword phrases your customers are searching for. You become the answer to their problem. Google AdWords will tell you which words are working. Figure out your keywords and you’re pretty much golden.

After your content is in place, transfer those keywords to AdWords and create a marketing campaign in Google AdWords based off of these.

Click-through-Rate (CtR)

The objective of having precise keyword searches is to improve your web page’s click-through-rate. Merely perusing your site isn’t enough. You want them to be intrigued, interested, and ultimately click on your website. This increases the chances they will click on something which can generate revenue for your company. This is where Google makes their money, by what they charge for each potential customer click.

Your AdWords Recipe for Success

You don’t have to be an SEO guru (reminder: you have us for that) to have success with Google AdWords. What you do need is:

  • Have a modest budget to get started, then focus on a specific marketing campaign strategy.

The more you can afford, the sooner you are likely to optimize your investment. Spend less time running ads that aren’t effective. Slow and steady can win the race, friends. Continue to fine-tune your web copy and find the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Keep it simple. 

Not overspending when you first start is critical. Unfortunately, this can be easy to do. If you can only budget $30, keep it simple and don’t use too many marketing campaigns. There are a lot of additional features that may invoke a panic when you first browse the application. Take a breath: they have their use, but it’s important to not jump into areas you don’t yet understand. Take your time.

By the way, there is such a thing as Google jail. “Google jail” is when a Google bot decides your content isn’t credible, and it puts your business on the naughty list. Once in, it’s difficult to get off that list and to get your traffic back, so… just don’t go there. No keyword stuffing! No plagiarism! You get the point.

  • Commit.

The third aspect is to see the process through. Commit to using the tool for a couple of months especially as you are learning the ropes. This whole process takes time to optimize and find the best marketing approach to reach your customers.

Is Google AdWords Working?

How on earth are you supposed to be able to tell if what you’re doing with AdWords is what you should be doing? A few ways, actually. Here’s what you should be using or looking for:

Customer Data is Free

You’re about have so much information on your customers through AdWords. By using the interface, Google will help you get to know your customers better in order to engage and get them to take action. How they take action (conversions, purchasing) is the proof in the pudding. You’ll figure out how to recognize what they take action on. Google will help you know what keywords to use to write a compelling genuine ad copy and hopefully increase your conversion rate.

Return on Investment

Your conversion rate is your return on investment (ROI). With AdWords, it’s significantly likely to find improvement in how much time your customers spend on your website and what they are clicking or not clicking. The more time you invest, the easier it is to learn what is drawing your customers. What will cause them to come through the door and hand their money over?

A great asset to Google AdWords is the ability to run multiple campaigns at the same time. As you run multiple ads, you can literally see which outperforms the other. As the outperforming occurs, the platform will begin to divert the traffic to the more efficient campaign. Again: you get to see what causes searchers to click.

Only Pay-Per-Click

You only pay-per-click (PPC) on Google AdWords. If you set up a poorly performing campaign that no one sees, you won’t be losing much (if any) money. Of course, it is still possible to lose investment if you don’t make sure your call to action converts to sales. Increasing traffic to your website is commendable, but you want more movement to make more money.

Google AdWords End Goals

As you understand your customers better, you can weed out the distractions on your page. Make what they are searching for even more appealing. Often, you can even find a new niche in your market that you were not previously utilizing. You will develop your skills by building campaigns, using better search terms, and improving both organic search and paid results.

At this point, that last statement should sound sexy to you. If it didn’t, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

If everything we just discussed sounds overly complicated or maybe just not your aspect of SEO, we get that. We understand entrepreneurship and the challenges associated with owning a business. Maybe you’re an SEO expert but you’re more into backend metatags or studying algorithms, just not this AdWords stuff.

No problem. Let us step up your game to rank higher in web searches. We get you ranked higher, and we can improve conversion rates. We can change where you land in the Google search and get AdWords to work for you.

Invest in your ranking today and get a website audit. It costs you nothing to start the conversation on where to begin to dominate in Google searches and dominate your reach.

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