Breaking Industry News: Google Removes Link Shortener Plus Our Favorite Shorteners

As Google announces a farewell to their link shortener, social media managers all over the globe release a collective “gasp.” Starting in 2019, the now ten-year-old link shortening service will no longer be active or functional, but Google announces that former shortened links will still be functional. 

We’re probably being dramatic, but parting is such sweet sorrow. Nonetheless, if you’ve grown accustomed to Google’s link shortener and don’t know where to go, here are our favorite options.

Other Link Shorteners to Try

You likely already signed up for an account with back in the day, so all you need to do is retrieve that password and login information and get to using it. If not, it’s easy as supplying an email and password. We like this system because the dashboard is easy to read and use, and the link shortener is always right there to help speed up your process.

Some other great features are, as noted above, the ease of the shortener, getting a branded short domain, and categorizing.

Don’t deny it: you know you love to categorize. All those shortened links nicely organized help take the day-to-day stresses of our industry down a notch.

This is HootSuite’s link shortener, so it won’t do you any good if you don’t use HootSuite. However, if you do use HootsSuite, it makes sense to keep it all in the HootSuite family while making your life easier.

This is a personal favorite a few of the team members here at DWSEO. The websites isn’t all bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and has never let us down. If you’re just looking for that shorter URL and not much else, this is your go-to option.

If you’re not at all into categorizing and need a shortened link, and that’s it, this is your choice.  It’s quite literally just an effective link shortener.


FireBase is still from Google but on a mobile platform for app developers. Google prefers that any mobile apps use this instead of alternatives. You can learn more about this and how to get started by reading up on all that FireBase has to offer.

Fortunately, switching to another link shortener is an easy fix. Best of luck to you in your efforts, wherever you go.

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