Dominate with Grammarly: Our Review of a Must-Have Writing Tool

Grammar. You know, that thing you sort of know about and how to do it correctly, but you don’t know why it’s correct or wrong, but it is? Yeah, that.

Proper grammar is vital for digital marketing and the content on your website. And just because we’re rebels, we’re going to

See what we did there? Pretty clever, eh?

No, but honestly, grammar is a big deal to those weird people that know the whys. It’s also a huge deal to Google. The last few algorithm changes have all had something in regards to quality content and making sure people are getting, as always, high-quality sites instead of spam.

Let’s rewind a bit and learn some history.

Content History 101

Back in the earlier 2000’s, when we had to walk five miles to school uphill both ways, the thing most digital marketers did was take content from someone else’s site, put it in software, then spin it. This newly created robot would then spin the content and change words that had same meanings and mainly make it so content could be cheap and fast.

And what you ended up with is no surprise: grammar errors and stupid sentences that made no sense.

We believe we’re in need of an example:

Original Sentence: “We look at the entire foundation of your home, as well as look at all interior and exterior walls to check for signs of foundation damage.”

Spun Sentence: “We see at the whole bottom of your cottage, as healthy as looking at all inside and outside walls to checkmark for symptoms of charity damage.”


So here we are, years later, and Google is like, “Nah bro.

And honestly, if you’re still trying cut corners on content, you’re not doing your business or your clients’ business any favors.

All of this leaves you with the following question: “If the content is that important, but we just can’t afford an entire in-house content team like the masters at Dominate with SEO, how do we make sure we’re providing good content?

Our answer is simple: Grammarly.

Grammarly Review: Dominate with SEO Style

We’ve tried everything in regards to content. Everything. We quickly learned no matter how great the writer is, there will be errors. There’s scientific proof for this, too. The people that write the work should never edit the work (which is why we have in-house editors).

For our content, before we could have editors, we relied heavily on programs like Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an app and program that will edit your work in real time (like right now, as we type this Grammarly is doing its thing) or all at once from their website. Grammarly doesn’t look at spelling and basic grammar, but it will correct you on passive voice, overused words, uniqueness, fragments, and much more.

What is Grammarly Not?

  • Grammarly is NOT a spellchecker..
  • Grammarly is not humorous.
  • Grammarly is not perfect.
  • Grammarly doesn’t understand slang.
  • Grammarly certainly doesn’t follow trends.

Keep these in mind to maximize your use of Grammarly.

How Grammarly Works

There are two options: an app version (for your phone or on Google Chrome as an extension) or the website version.

With the app version, what will happen is as you’re writing (text, email, or even something like a Facebook post), Grammarly will underline all your errors. Don’t take it personally. We use both versions and let’s say it’s a good thing we do because us data geeks rarely know the ins and outs of grammar. It’s part of the reason we’re data geeks.

Where Grammarly shows us the real meat it’s made of is the desktop version where you copy and paste an entire article, blog, or heck, even just a sentence. After copying, this bad boy will show you errors you didn’t even know could be errors.

And if you are a weirdo and enjoy that grading system from college you’re going to love this: it grades you on a 1-100% scoring system. Score! (Pun intended).

Oh Look, Frost

As with any algorithm type software that spits out data and tells you how to live your life, there’s going to be some excellent suggestions and some downright stupid ones. No matter how advanced AI and software like this becomes, our brains remain superior.

Don’t look at a suggestion from Grammarly and be all, “oh look, frost” like Harry in Dumb and Dumber and approve everything single suggestion. Just because you see something tempting that looks like a good idea, it doesn’t mean it automatically is.

Grammarly can’t account for humor, sarcasm, or the grammar rules you want to break to add personality to the article. So keep that in mind and use your brain.

Final Thoughts

We use Grammarly exclusively. So far, we’ve found that nothing else compares. When you have a good team of writers and editors to know what suggestion to keep and what recommendations to ignore, your result is high-quality content that both Google and your readers will love.

Final Thoughts 2

If you need help with SEO and getting found online, what the heck are you waiting for? Contact us today by filling out our discovery form. We’ve got an in-house content team ready to master your brand voice.

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