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A woman using a tablet and a laptop to learn about video marketing

When every bite of information is at the tip of a scrolling thumb, businesses must adeptly hold their users’ attention. Excellent video marketing is perhaps the most effective way to stop the scroll and increase conversions online and in-store.

Romain Berg is a comprehensive digital marketing agency dedicated to keeping you squarely in front of your audience and engaging them with the most leading-edge digital and video marketing tools available. 

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch to work on an online video marketing strategy that gets you results without hype.

Video marketing: The Basics

A video marketing diagram

If you own a smartphone, you’ve likely watched a YouTube or social media video that grabs your attention and forces you to watch until the end.

But, as a business owner, how do you translate eye-catching and scroll-stopping sensational video into sales statistics that go up and to the right reliably?

Video creation may be the simplest part of the video marketing process. Ensuring your video lands in front of the right viewers ready to buy your products is a more involved methodology.

In the days when video marketing was limited to TV ads, rating measurements were the key indicators of how well your ad performed. Though ratings can still guide video ad placement, you’ll need to get more granular in your data to achieve the highest video marketing ROI.

More and more viewers get their “TV” from a variety of online platforms. YouTube, IG TV, Netflix, Hulu, and others make video space vastly more accessible to more players. 

So, video marketing space is simultaneously more abundant and trickier to navigate for the most bang for your marketing buck.

Narrowing your video marketing platform scope can help you grow your audience and engagements more effectively.

Add Laser-Focus to Your Video Marketing

video views counter, counter of likes and dislikes close up.

Let’s face it; social media platforms and places like YouTube offer you the most direct data on your digital marketing videos. You can directly measure your impact through likes, follows, impressions, website clicks, and profile visits.

Plus, Social media videos may also offer features like “Shop Now” buttons that link directly to your product pages or website. 

You can capitalize on customer impulses more effectively on social platforms than traditional TV ad buys (not to mention employing strong calls to action throughout your video content.)

Do Your Research

Young man using smart phone for social media

Video marketing that pays you back in new customers and increased sales takes time, patience, and clear intent. 

To discover the most effective channels for your video publishing or ad buys, you’ll need to learn where your audience is the most active. 

According to Hootsuite in 2020:

  • Facebook’s worldwide users total 244 Billion per month, with a high concentration of users in India. (75% of women ages 25-29 use Facebook, as opposed to 63% of men)
  • YouTube users skew younger (age 15-25) more male (78% in the age group) and reside in the US.
  • Instagram users worldwide total 1billion, and they’re mostly female; the largest age group is 18-24, living in the US.

Upon further analysis, we see that in the US:

  • 72% of adults view social media each month
  • More women than men use social media platforms (78% vs. 65%, respectively)
  • New users are on the rise each year, with more than 1 million new people creating accounts each day.
  • Facebook still outshines its competitors with the highest user rate at 244 billion per month.

Discover What Works

Online live video marketing concept.Photo sign made by human hands on blurred sky as background

Once you have some social platform general user data at your disposal, you can begin making decisions about where to place your video content.

Depending on your video marketing budget, it’s smart to place sample campaigns on two channels simultaneously. 

You might try a more traditional spend like a TV ad (expensive, but generally effective) coupled with an eye-catching YouTube spot or organic post.

You can monitor the engagement data as each video (or video genre) launches. You’ll want to pay attention to post likes, website visits, profile clicks, impressions, and page likes or follower count. 

Google Analytics can help you track the origin of your clicks (a direct website visit could indicate a conversion from a TV ad, and the software will also let you know which social platforms generate clicks, specifically.)

You may also want to experiment with social media organic video posts and paid video ads to see which type maximizes your following, engagements, and product page clicks.

We’re digital marketing experts, and we still find ourselves clicking on engaging video content from products and brands we love. The “shop now” button is often the only incentive we need to end up on a product page and begin browsing the online wares.

Back to Content: It Must be Riveting

someone workikgn to edit a video marketing ad

Though we mentioned earlier that content production might be the most straightforward part of video marketing, it’s not always easy to nail it. 

You must ensure your content grabs and holds your audience’s attention to be effective. Sampling your video content on an audience focus group can help you curate video content that:

  • Elicits an emotional audience response
  • Touches an audience pain point and offers a solution
  • Meaningfully and memorably educates your audience
  • Showcases your brand’s “wow” factor for greater recognition
  • Creates an identity point for your audience

Your video content is only effective if it stops the interminable scroll. You must feature thumbnails that grab attention as well. 

If your content takes several minutes to build into the best part of the action, you will lose valuable views way before you get the chance to showcase your product or provide a call to action.

So, the take-aways for boosting your business with video marketing are:

  • Keep it short, relevant, and riveting
  • Track your video campaign engagement and conversion data
  • Narrow your video channels to the top one or two best engagement and conversion performers

Done for You Video Marketing with Romain Berg

People having a meeting and discussing data on a laptop

Outsourcing your video marketing with Romain Berg is a wise choice. Placing your videos where they will have the most reach and audience growth potential is where we excel consistently.  

When you collaborate with our team of experienced digital marketers, SEO specialists, and content producers, you get to focus on what you do best: running your company. 

Fill out our contact form today, and we’ll connect to begin strategizing your next video marketing project. Our clients win with results, not hype.

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