5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Evergreen Business Content

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As a business owner, your task list is endless. Hands-on owners often serve alongside their teams in the daily functions of the operation, if at a higher level than your team leaders.

Still, between emergent problem-solving, networking, fundraising, research, and development, or a host of other duties on your CEO job description, who has time for quality content marketing? Also, why should you care about content marketing?

Here are five reasons it may be time to outsource your evergreen business content to a partnership-based marketing firm. You may benefit from help from an agency who can speak in your unique brand voice.

At Romain Berg, we are a comprehensive marketing agency with your company’s brand, tone, and voice at heart. We partner with our clients across many industries and niches.

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Our ultimate goal is to position you as the subject matter expert in your sector and to bring more customers to your virtual, and brick-and-mortar, doorstep.

Contact us today to get started on a content marketing strategy to nail your brand voice, increase conversions, and close sales.

Your audience is stagnant

Though you may have a loyal core of reliable customers when’s the last time you saw growth in your customer base? Even though loyalty and referrals are cornerstones of businesses that last, even legacy organizations need new audience members to thrive.

If you’ve had leadership changes or have updated your strategic plan in recent years, your brand may be due for a new content strategy. Your brand voice and sales objectives may have changed, and so should your content.

You can keep your audience growing and in the loop about company innovations and lane-shifts with consistent and relevant content implementation.

When you further define your niche each year, you can also be sure the vocabulary you’re using in your content campaigns matches the customers you most want in your fan base.

A marketing firm with brand archetype expertise can help you create targeted content that reaches your dream clients where they are. Strategic content answers the questions your customers are asking now, as well as anticipating their needs for the future.

Your sales are flat

Maybe it’s a seasonal slump that has your bottom line bottoming out. Maybe market trends are shifting, and you’re not sure how to change with them. Perhaps your staff needs training, or your products are due for repackaging.

These issues perennially challenge all business owners, and your job is to ensure your products and services are second to none.

Outsourcing your business content gives you a fresh set of eyes on industry trends and the needs and desires of your target audience.

Using carefully authored content with relevant backlinks and high search ranking invites industry leaders to take note of what you’re doing differently. When your content speaks to more stakeholders, your audience list grows.

When you have a bigger audience, you can use your existing lead qualification systems to help you close more sales.

Scaling? Who, me?

Internal marketing teams are a budgetary challenge, to say the least, and often a far-away fantasy for most start-ups and growing organizations.

Marketing campaigns typically happen in bursts, which means you either can’t hire fast enough, or you’re in a lay-off cycle, which nobody loves. Outsourcing your content production to a trusted agency means you can scale your marketing with laser precision to your budget and business opportunities.

If you have a large event, a sale, a grand opening, or a complete rebrand, you’ll want to dedicate more marketing dollars temporarily to educate your audience. Outsourcing your content production achieves this objective efficiently in the most timely of calendar windows.

When your “rush” season winds down, your content and other marketing projects can parallel your dynamic budget and staffing needs with outsourced content management.

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Your content publishing calendar is inconsistent at best

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You may be aware that consistent publishing of relevant evergreen content keeps you at the top of Google searches. However, who has time to imagine, write, edit, and keyword-optimize a brilliant article each week?

Even if you’re an accomplished writer, your other duties probably take precedence over generating content. Allowing a professional to take on this task gives you more bandwidth for growing your company in a variety of ways.

When content writing is off your plate, you have time and space to devote to your team, company vision, product, and service development, and ultimately, your customers.

If only you had access to the cool kids’ software

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There are a number of software options that make content creation and publishing easier. However, they create extra expenses and make sense only if your content volume is high enough to justify the subscriptions or purchases.

They type of software agencies use to generate content that results in increased traffic may include:

  • Keyword optimization search ware
  • Grammar and editing programs
  • Content analytics (software that showcases the traffic and conversion results of your published content)
  • Plagiarism prevention tools

Some agencies, like Romain Berg, also employ proprietary software custom-designed for your application. Discovering and leveraging your specific brand voice is a service we offer through our AI Business Personality Analyzer.

Software like this offers us the unique opportunity to tailor all our content production to your specific brand footprint. Through website and other existing copy you’ve published, we drill down to the vocabulary details of who you are as a brand.

Further, once we’ve narrowed your brand archetype, we write content that reaches out precisely to those customers who speak your language, literally.

Choosing a firm that can flex to accommodate your content objectives is a must when considering outsourcing your evergreen content.

Romain Berg is a full-service marketing agency employing an expert content team. Our content managers and writers have real-world experience in a robust variety of industries.

First, we discover and define your brand voice with our exclusive AI software. Then, we match you with the content manager and writing team that will best represent your values and vocabulary in the digital market.

Fill out our contact form today and get started with content strategy that converts.

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