Innovation and Intuition: SERPBook Review

We bet you’ve probably searched and searched for the perfect SEO tool for tracking, right? We’re just guessing you have because we know we have. In fact, you might even be scratching your head and wondering which one would work out best in the end and perhaps hoping you find one without all of the headaches of figuring out how to use it. Well, we have incredible news (don’t we usually, though?): you can end your search because we’re going to introduce you to SERPBook, aka the tool that gives you the power to adequately collect keyword rankings.

We know, we know. Your brain is probably exhausted from reading so many SEO tool reviews. Yeah, we know. You probably don’t want to bother learning about another. But we promise you: it’s all worth it. You will not have to read another one after you have read the passages below. Stick around.

In advance, no, we were not compensated nor are we affiliated with SERPBook, we just wanted to review this newer tool. This is our honest opinion.

What Is SERPBook?

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And now the moment you have been waiting for: Drumroll, please! We’re diving into SERPBook!

So what exactly IS SERPBook? It is one of THE best ranking trackers available on the market. SERPBook gives you the power to collect keyword rankings with both accuracy and efficiency.

Not only that, but any device with internet access can use SERPBook. Oh, and did we forget to mention being able to share it with your clients? If your clients are on the go, they can quickly view all of the information they’re looking for.


Guess what? There is no need for you to worry about managing proxies! That is all taken care of by SERPBook, and automatically! One less headache you don’t have to deal with. Hell yes.

Benefits Of SERPBook

Screenshot of SERPBook's functionality

There’s pretty much a multitude of benefits with SERPBook. Here’s a list of a few key features:

  • You can manage your keywords into categories, allowing you to keep track and check your keywords.
  • If your keywords get moved around, no worries! You will receive live, instant notifications, alerting you if the keyword has moved up or down drastically.
  • Easy-to-read table format that shows daily, weekly, and monthly movements.
  • You can use it for API access, which also includes access to RAW data, unlimited API calls, and a unique API link for each category.
  • You can email PDF or CSV reports, on a schedule (daily, weekly, etc.), to multiple people.
  • It’s ideal for companies or agencies that have multiple clients since it is unbranded!

If you’re looking for even more benefits, here is your hookup.

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Additional Benefits

Honestly, we can’t get over the number of benefits that they have to offer, so here’s just a bit more on the benefits of using SERPBook.

You may think that SERPBook is going to take a genius or something to use their program, but nah. Not at all. This product was specifically created to be customized and personalized for every customer and every client. Not only that, but it was made to do what you need and want and all with relative ease.

If you have information or features that are not needed, don’t worry about it. You can hide unused features from clients to provide less confusion and instead show them what they want instead.

And guess what it includes in every package? Three of the biggest used rank trackers:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

If you didn’t know, they are crucial information for your clients.

SERPBook Main Features

Some of SERPBook’s primary/key features are:

  • Daily Updates:
    • Bing Ranks
    • Google Ranks
    • Yahoo Ranks
  • “Share” and “View” Links
  • White Label PDF and Reporting

What Are You Ranking For?

Professional businessman with glasses working at office desk, he is connecting and using a laptop

Not quite sure what you are ranking for? No worries, SERPBook has you covered!

SERPBook can populate some suggestions in the keyword box for you when you first enter your URL. And not just any ideas, but real-time suggestions that you are already ranking in along with the rank number as well. Boom.

What About Their Customer Support?

Just like with any online marketing tool or services, customer service is a vital aspect for SERPBook. SERPBook provides a top-notch support system via email, as well as finding their presence easily on social media. Their website also offers instant chat with representatives.


Money growing plant step with deposit coin in bank concept.

Now, the obvious question: how much it is going to cost? AKA: Is it going to cost you an arm and a leg? Especially after knowing what SERPBook has to offer, it may seem daunting to purchase.

But to be honest, the tool is quite affordable.

They offer two types of packages, each offering different deals for your company needs:

  • Standard (Bi-hourly Updates, starting at $18 a month)
    • Personal
    • Professional
    • Ultimate
    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise+
  • Daily (Daily Updates, starting at $24 a month)
    • Starter Daily
    • Personal Daily
    • Beginner Daily
    • Enterprise Daily
    • Enterprise+ Daily

So give the options a look, and see which is best suited for you and your company. Here‘s more on the details of their pricing:

A Tool To Expand Your Company Name

After reading this article, hopefully, you were able to see how great of a tool SERPBook is. If not, uh, maybe re-read the article?

Anyway, SERPBook is a must-have ranking tool for your business. It can help you see where you are ranking and help you track keywords that would make an impact on your company name. Not only that, but it always keeps you updated when words are moved up or down in rank.

And hello, user-friendly! It is effortless to understand and use, and the tables are easy to read as well. You can even send reports to your clients with SERPBook! We repeat: hell yes.

Do You Need Help Or Not Have Enough Time?

As a business, you may not have the time to use SERPBook, let alone do your research. If that is so, Romain Berg is here to help. Just like you, we’re pretty badass, too.

But no, really, we are dedicated to helping businesses and companies reach their goals. We can gather up the information you need for your business to thrive! We provide the professional help that your company or agency need. So reach out to us today, and partner up with us. Contact us via our Discovery Form and we’ll help you dominate your competition!

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