Is Link Building Still a Valid SEO Strategy?

People are Saying Link Building is No Longer as Essential for SEO as it Used to be, is That True?

Kind of.

Here’s what we mean.  Yes, link building is absolutely important but maybe, just maybe, it’s not so essential. SEO and the algorithims we daily are staying ahead of contstantly change.  Most of the time these daily changes are small and for the most part, insignificant.  However, when we get those update announcments from Google we can expect that there’s going to be something big we need to consider. And lately, the trend we’re seeing is that link building is, yes, helpful, but no longer absolutely essential.

So it’s a but like that picture above.  While it’s helpful for readers to have pictures, it’s wasn’t nessisary that we had a picture of guy with head photoshopped out and replaced with a questions mark. For real, what gives?

So this begs that golden question in the SEO industry, what is the real state of link building for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

The Future of Link Building

It seems that what was once a core SEO component is no longer as highly regarded as it once was in the past. This is equally surprising and disappointing – especially for those who have focused nearly their entire SEO strategy on link building and not creating high-quality content that the consumer can actually gain from. You know, the SEO “experts” that give us a bad name and don’t actually want to do the hard, honest work.

Can’t say we’re totally crying a river over here. That’s what you get for being misinformed, lazy, and overall just a terrible SEO specialist.

However, if you’re of the honest, well informed, and hard working kind then this doesn’t come as a surpirse but, when the latest Google Algorthim update occured, exclaimed an arrogant “I called it.” (Dusts Should Off)

Let us Educate You on How to Properly Use Link Building

The truth is that link building should be done carefully with an emphasis on creating quality content. We cannot say this enough. As we follow Google and everything in the industry, the trend we’re seeing is that by 2018 high-quality content will reign supreme.

Mark our words. Just wait.

Yep, that means you need to kiss your writers overseas goodbye, and invest in a full blown writer that understands why we’re fans of the Oxford Comma, the importance of good syntax, and how to write conversationally.

If you don’t follow our advice, you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

And with that high-qaulity content you’re going to want to use link building to bring more traffic to that content. And if the content does what it’s supposed to it will convert well and you, and your clients, will be happy.

Here’s whate a good link building campaign will need you to do:

  • Reach out to influeners and build those relationships so you can get a mention on their site
  • Sign up for all the news sites where you can be a contributor
  • Write about a product or service and send it to the marketing manager- asking for them to link back to your review.

Here’s what not to do with link building:

  • Link Circles with your FB “entrepruner group.” If you’re doing this, and being paid by clients, you should be banished from the SEO community and flogged on your way out.  Just don’t.
  • PBN’s- We’re just going to refer to the above.  If this is all you have, go home and try again.
  • Only rely on links (ever heard that “all your eggs in one basket” saying?)

Do you se the difference there? You don’t want to pay for links or build them, but rather earn them.

In a Nutshell Incase That was All too Confusing

Of course, link building is still helpful for SEO, but with the recent changes in the search engine algorithms, the importance is shifting gradually to link earning. Links are considered more valuable when they can prove credibility and trust to the consumer when they read your content. And remember, that content needs to be high-qaulity content. Not spun or written from non-native writers.