Mobile Marketing Statistics in 2018 and Tips for Success

We’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately about mobile marketing statistics for 2018 and there are some great numbers out there. There’s something about cold hard facts and clear numbers that motivate us. We’re not really the type to let feelings guide us (except our creatives, they do that all the time and it’s awkward AF for us non-creatives).

Anyway, back to numbers. You know, safe, cold, and reliable numbers. Ahh. The numbers are telling us digital marketing people that mobile marketing is a bit important. By “a bit,” we mean life or death for your clients’ websites. Or if you are the client, life or death for your business.

We’re not even sorry for being so blunt, to be honest. The numbers made us do it.

However, there’s one thing these blogs are aren’t providing and that’s the next step. Now what? What do you do with all that information?

So we decided to go a different route with this blog and not just offer you our favorite shock and awe mobile marketing stats, but some tips you’re not likely going to get anywhere else.

Stat 1: As of August 2017, There are Over 3.5 Billion Unique Mobile Internet Users

Yeah, that’s a big fat B right there. Nope, we’re not talking a teeny tiny million here but a billion. So next time your client, or heck, your marketing team, says mobile isn’t a big deal, tell them tto do their research and that their understanding is slacking. Send them this article. Make them click the link. Click click, go go.

Tip 1: For the Love of All Things Annoying, Stop trying to be All Fancy With the Cursive Fonts and Get an Easy to Read Font

Once upon a time, back at the University of Oregon, one of our team members was taking a class on fonts. Yep, a class just about fonts. We’re not going to say how long ago this was (don’t worry about it), but let’s just say it was really long ago, but before the interwebs were what they are now. If that doesn’t age her we don’t know what will. 

One of the first things she learned was to pick fonts in the Sans Serif family for anything on the side of a bus, the side of the road, or billboards, etc.

Why, you ask?  Because that’s an easy to read font while people are driving and in motion.

We know what you’re thinking.

“Uhhh guys, what do billboards and ads on buses have to do with the font on our websites?

Our answer? Simple. The words “scroll” and “scrolling.”  Devices require a hecka lot of scrolling and that’s a pretty fast motion for your eyes to keep up with and read at the same time.   

If your target audience can’t even make out what your tagline is or phone number because you picked a lame font, you’re going to lose business. While we aren’t sure that Google considers this in how they rank sites, we wouldn’t be surprised if they did consider font and it’s readability while in motion.

Stat 2: Mobile Online Spending is Already at 1 Trillion Dollars.

Yeah. Big fat T there and enough pie for everyone.

Do you want a piece of that trillion? Sure seems like there’s enough to go around. Good! Then read our less-known tip number two and grab you some of that pie:

Tip 2: Make Your Website Visitors Laugh a Little

Did you know that if you can find a way to relate to your readers and get them to chuckle (because we all know LOL is really just people laughing internally while looking seriously pissed off), they will remember your brand over your competitors? And when that happens, your brand is building trust. This is good, really good.  

So stand out a little and don’t be so serious.

Stat 3: 18.88% of the Mobile Users That Search For a Business on Their Phone Walk Into the Business They Find Within 24 Hours

So this isn’t totally shock and awe on the surface, however, if you keep digging deeper you’ll see what we see:

No matter what, there’s going to be that 18.88% (roughly) walking into someone’s business door. Do you want that to be yours, or your competitors’? ,

Right. That’s what we thought.

Tip 3: Don’t Put a Call to Action in Every Friggin’ Scroll

We get it, you want them to, “call now!

Before you go all Eric Cartman on us and scream, “Screw you guys I’m going home,” hear us out. Consumers know that if they want your services or product, they’re going to have to contact you.  That’s a given. And if they like what they’re reading, they’re going to contact you.

That’s why we suggest putting the CTA at the bottom of whatever it is they’re reading.  This helps you in a few ways,

  1. It shows engagement because the reader is forced to “finish” the article on their phone in order to get to that lovely “call now” button. Google likes engagement. This will show Google your readers are engaged and even converting. This helps you rank.
  2. It buys you more time to motivate the website visitor to act.
  3. More time on your site is less time on a competitor’s site

If you do your content right, you shouldn’t need a CTA all over the darn place. Top of the header, and at the bottom of a blog or service description. Done.

Final Thoughts

We’re going to let Ms. C (we’re not finishing that name, we’ll let you figure that out) from episode 412 of South Park close us out:

Now children, listen to me. Why do you want to go back in time? Life isn’t about going back. It’s about going forward. Yes, there are times in our lives that we wish we could relive but if we already lived them perfectly, why live them again? The adventure of life is that there’s always something new – new challenges, new experiences. A fun game is a game that gets harder as it goes. So it is with life. Do you understand?” – Ms. C 412

And, as always, we’re here for you. You’ve got digital marketing, website, or SEO issues to resolve? Get over here already. We got you.

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