Unparalleled: The Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018


Welp, we are officially done with a quarter of 2018! Welcome to April and thus another quarter of the fiscal year.

We’re gonna do you a solid and ask a ridiculously important question: How’s your marketing going?

As a business owner, you are (hopefully) always looking for ways to promote your business, increase your success rate, and get ahead of the competition. Engaging with your customers and encouraging them to turn to your business is crucial to your company’s prosperity. No one wants to interact with or buy from a company they can’t connect with, after all.

The Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018

Digital marketing tools are essential elements to all business owners, including fabricating customer connections, success rates, and trampling competition. Generating more traffic to your site has never been easier with today’s technology. 

We’ve decided to simplify your life by collecting the best digital marketing tools of 2018 in one convenient blog. Time to discover more about these cybernate components. We didn’t write this blog for nothing, you know.

Website Analytic Tool: Google Analytics

Image is a screenshot from Google Analytics, but hopefully you already know that because you love and use it regularly.

Let’s start with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is hands down one of the best tools to use for analytic insights. All you do is add a tracking code to the pages on your website, and you get free access to your site’s performance information.

This allows you to see where your guests are coming from, pages with the most hits, and even any pages that are causing guests to leave your site, and as always, tons more. Insight into these can aid the development of strategies that convert visitors into clients based on your website.

Once you begin to use Google Analytics, you can best use it by answering the following questions:

  • Who is visiting my website?
  • What do they do on my site?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • Why are they coming to my site?
  • How are they locating my site?

Website Speed Test: Pingdom

Pingdom is as bright as its colors. Image via Pingdom/screenshot.

Your potential customers want fast access to information. They don’t want to wait for a website to load, or they’ll turn to your competitors. Sweet Brown said it best: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Providing an outstanding user experience begins with the ability to explore your site without delays. How quickly your page loads can have a significant, negative impact on conversion rates. 

That’s why it’s vital to use a tool that measures the speed of your website and use it on a regular basis. If you notice a drop or increase in the bounce rate on your site, the speed of your page could be to blame. One of the best tools for diagnosing these problems is Pingdom’s website speed test.

Check out Pingdom, troubleshoot speed errors, and get clients back you may have been losing from site delays.

PR Management: Google Alerts

Get your company on Google Alerts and STAT. Image via Google Alerts/screenshot.

Don’t let the internet sass you without you knowing. Stay on top of what’s being said about your company with Google Alerts. Alerts allows you to effortlessly monitor the mentions of you and your business on the internet. With this tool, you create an alert for a keyword of your choice (such as your company name).

Google sends email updates for every new mention online. For example, if another blog talks about your product, you can find the mention via this alert and share the article on your social media site. Or, if you a customer is expressing a problem with your business, you can reach out to them to reconcile the situation. This tool is top-notch and easy to use for public relations management.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools: (Multiple)

Is your jar hot? It should be. Get HotJar. Image via Hotjar/screenshot.

Let’s dive right into the important nitty-gritty.

A proven approach to using analytics to improve the key performance indicators or KPIs on your site by using a conversion rate optimization tool or CRO. There is a fundamental four-step process:

  1. Gathering data about your website.
  2. Creating a testable hypothesis.
  3. Testing the hypothesis.
  4. Reviewing the results to measure the effectiveness.

These tools assist you in testing the hypothesis you create. They produce measurable and qualitative information to calculate your achievements and focus on areas for improvement – all scientifically. Some of the best conversion rate optimization tools that we dearly love are:

Social Media Manager: (Multiple)

Get your hoot on: find a social media manager like HootSuite! Image via HootSuite/screenshot.

When it comes to the best digital marketing tools of 2018, you can’t ignore social media in this day and age. Also notably, your social media dealings most likely extend to more than just Facebook. Well, again, let’s use the word “hopefully.” If so, you probably have accounts on multiple platforms.

As a result, it can be challenging to maintain a posting schedule balance as well as keep up with performance reviews on all your social media pages. Lucky for you, several management tools exist to assist digital marketers like yourself. Some of the most significant tools on the market are Sprout Social, Buffer, and HootSuite. These sites have been highly rated for providing effortless and efficient social media management.

Heck. Yes. Easy. Tools.

General SEO Tool: SEMRush

Rush all-in to SEO with a tool like SEMRush. Image via SEMRush/screenshot.

For maximum impact, use this tool to design your digital marketing strategy carefully. Search engine optimization (SEO), as we’ve discussed, is what controls who sees your content and their incentive for clicking on it. The SEO tool you use should offer services like competitor research, keyword research, PPC monitoring, backlink analysis, and more. If you can afford it, one of the best SEO tools to use is SEMrush. It’s worth the money.

Email Marketing Campaign Creator: (Multiple)

Monkey around with customer emails. Image via MailChimp/screenshot.

Yes, we all tend to get annoyed by emails, but it turns out they can help your sales tremendously.

The marketing you do through your email is critical to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Both current and potential customers do actually want to hear what you have to say. This gives you an opportunity to be a trusted resource, and in turn, increase your conversion rates. Our favorite email campaign tools on the market include:

These tools allow you to customize your templates, easily track results, and automate drip campaigns.

How Dominate With SEO Can Help You

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