Three Reasons To Love Google Data Studio

Google Studio launched in 2016, and most people didn’t spend much time thinking about it. They believed Google Studio was one of those Google products that were going the way of Google Goggles, and that it wasn’t worth getting involved.

Who blamed them? Google was launching so many different products during this period that you almost needed a spreadsheet to keep track of them.

Then it came out of Beta and fully launched. It was a shock to most developers, marketers, and even hard to crack SEO professionals.

A full platform was now online that allowed you to connect different data sources to one dashboard. Now there was the ability to craft custom dashboards based upon what data you wanted, making it easier for everybody to craft dashboards.

The major problem with most dashboards/platforms was that they didn’t provide enough flexibility in customizing data. Sometimes data was based upon their limits and other times on price points for services. Most of it was ugly. Nobody should pay extra just to put their company logo on the reports they send to clients.

Here are three reasons why you need to think about using Google Data Studio for your website, e-commerce store, digital marketing agency, or your brand.

It’s Free. Zero. Nadda.

Google Data Studio is free. Stop paying for a portal system when you can save yourself money and use Google Data Studio to report data on how your websites are working. Sales from e-commerce and keyword rankings will show. Paying for a portal system that allows access for your clients isn’t needed anymore either. You can create embeds of your dashboards and put them directly on your website for easy access (no-index of course).

If you’re an agency, you can send PDFs with your branding to the client via email, and even embed the reports on your website to allow easy access for clients.

Data Designed

Google Analytics is perfect for people who understand how to read analytics, but sometimes, you need a visual element to see how data correlates. Google Data Studio allows you to filter out the data you want and make it look amazing with the customized options, charts, filters, and styling.Most paid portals don’t allow any of this customization. Google Data Studio is a must for anybody who deals with digital marketing, runs a website, or deals with e-commerce.

Visit to see the different types of designs for Google Data Studio. Bookmark this website so you can have easy access to this evolving gallery data studio templates.


You have to pay extra fees or upgrades with most portals to show off data from different data sources, but with Google Data Studio, you can create unlimited dashboards for unlimited websites for free.

Google Data Studio integrates with Search Console, Analytics, Adwords, and Google Spreadsheets (great for live updating dashboards with data that doesn’t integrate) for starters.

The flexibility offered by Data studio is the perfect storm for marketers who want to have all their data sources in one dashboard.

If you want to find out the complete list of integrations offered by Google Data Studio, visit to see the vast amount of data points Google Data Studio provides.

If you want to take your reporting to another level, you can hook up Google Search Console with Supermetrics and have access to social media data, social media ad accounts, and different ad platforms. Supermetrics isn’t a portal, but reporting automation tool. Supermetrics does require an account and access to your social media accounts.

They have a complete guide on how to connect your social media accounts, guides on how to style the data, and examples of Data Studio dashboards.

Google Data Studio is clearly the choice for any professional who works in digital marketing, e-commerce, or maintains websites for major companies.

The ability to be flexible on how you integrate, display, and report data is important for making smart decisions for growing your traffic.

Here are some links on where to learn how you can work with Google Data Studio:


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  1. Ryan
    November 26, 2019 at 10:10 pm

    I regularly scour and report using a combination of Analytics, Search Console, and Google My Business. I now have a burning curiosity to look into Goole Data Studio. Thanks for the eye-opener and the potential for added benefits and possibilities.

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