Yext: Your New Special Agent of Directories

The internet is a crowded space. Standing out online can be a challenge for any business that doesn’t dominate it’s space. As you might have guessed by our fondness and the constant mentions, embracing SEO is crucial to the success of your organization. But let’s be honest, trying to play Google’s game is maddening. It’s why we’re the way we are, to be honest.

How many times have you busted ass to make sure your content had the right keywords or updated your keywords—only to have your efforts wasted a few months later due to yet another Google algorithm change?

We don’t blame you if think SEO can be some real subjective… er, let’s stay mild and call it “poppycock.” Poppycock or not, we don’t recommend you skimp on being SEO-friendly, or worse, try to kick SEO to the curb. Like it or not, SEO matters more than ever and especially for small businesses. So, let’s reframe your thinking about SEO.

To start, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition?

Think of SEO as a battle against your business rivals to reach the top of Page 1 search results. Your battle  will require you to be savvy, cunning, and relentless. SEO usually is marathon, not a sprint. In fact, sometimes it’s smarter to take smaller steps, instead of going all out from the get-go.

In SEO terms, this might mean focusing on your business directory listings. And if you haven’t heard of Yext, here’s why you need to add it to your SEO arsenal today.

In advance, you’re welcome.

Whoa, There’s a LOT of Directories

This is hardly the tip of the iceberg, but here’s what we mean by directories. We’ve used ourselves as an example. Facebook and Yelp especially are prominent directories that appear in search engine results pages (SERPs).

If you’ve ever Googled your organization, you’ve likely noticed a lot of directory-like pages containing information about your business. But how complete are those pages? If they are complete, how up to date is the information? Also, is the content engaging?

Maybe you’ve claimed some of those pages and maintained them. But let’s be honest, there’s a of directories out there, and unless you possess the efficiency of say Skynet or Ultron (Yes, it’s OK to root for villains if they can get the job done, btw), getting to all those pages is going to take forever.

But again, you shouldn’t ignore these directories, especially if you’re a small business. Directories play a significant role in local search results—and local search still  drives plenty of traffic.

Introducing… Yext!

You’re about to be pumped: Yext can do the heavy directory lifting for you; it automatically syncs business information across multiple directories. As a result, it’s easier to streamline and manage the information that appears about your business, including your phone number, hours, address, products and services, and even staff bios.

Yext is a collection of multiple forms of software geared towards lightening your directory-based woes. Most popularly used is Knowledge Manager, which is a centralized service that collects and distributes your information to directories correctly and easily.

These products ensure that the information about your company out there is accurate and consistent—two things that are crucial to how the Google Ranking Overlords. Even a simple typo could be costly.

And because Yext isn’t free (it offers several pricing plans), you’ll want maximize your organization’s investment by leveraging the services properly, which means using accurate, consistent, and complete information.

Think about how much of a game-changer Yext could be for you and your organization. Not only can it strengthen your local search rankings, but free more time for you to work on less mundane and more business-critical tasks. At the very least, you can hit the links earlier or not run late to happy hour. It’s a win-win either way.

Under the Yext Family Hood

If you’re expecting to read about some revolutionary machine learning or AI here, we’ve got news for you: prepare to be disappointed. But what Yext lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up for with good ol’ efficiency.

In a nutshell, here’s how Yext’s services work: Yext scans business directory listings such as Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, and even Tripadvisor. If the services identify listings that are incomplete or inaccurate, Yext updates them with synced information which you provide.  

Still not enough for you? Yext can point out listings that you never knew existed. Score bragging rights with coworkers and bonus points with the boss by getting those listings updated all while reaping the benefits of your organization’s increased local search ranking!

Yext’s popular and well-rounded Knowledge Manager.

You might be wondering how to make changes or updates to directories. The answer: Yext’s centralized dashboard. It allows you to easily make changes to the content that Yext makes to directory listings.

For example, if your organization’s business hours change, you can update them in the dashboard, and Yext will update all your business directory listings with those new hours. This comes in handy if you are frequently making changes, like a restaurant might to its menu or an escape room to its photo gallery.

Other Yext features/software that may come in handy are review monitoring and local listing analytics, because managing your business reputation and having relevant data are part of the MacGyver approach you need to take with SEO if you want to survive the cutthroat world of search rankings.

The Final Verdict

Yext services can be a godsend for organizations of all sizes across all industries. Yext automates and streamlines what can be a very time-consuming and mundane task, while still allowing them control over what information appears about their businesses in listings.

If you are tasked with your organization’s SEO strategy, implementation, and management, you owe it your sanity to explore Yext. Not only can it help your business perform well in search, but there’s added solace in knowing you are keeping up in crazy SEO game.

If you feel like you can’t keep up in the SEO game or need a professional on board (hint: you do)… not to toot our own horn, but uh, toot toot. Hit us up. Let us give your SEO an overhaul and prime the line for some of the best content and SEO game the internet has ever seen.

Note: Yext images are from screenshots on Yext’s website.

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