Someone pressing a button on a keyboard that says "delete"

Should You Delete Old Blog Posts?

  There’s a case to be made for and against old blog posts. On the one hand, you can simply update your posts to keep…

Someone viewing a real estate website on a tablet, viewing a large image

What You Might Not Know About Image SEO

You may recognize keywords, SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) headings, white-hat, and black-hat as part of SEO jargon. You should place image SEO squarely in…

a light up display that says SEO with a rocket

Creating an SEO Strategy for eCommerce

SEO strategy can fit into two distinct categories: “Before Pandemic” and “After Pandemic.” eCommerce SEO strategy is now more crucial to business success than ever…

Someone using their smart phone to use and view social media

How to Optimize Your Social Media for SEO

Winning at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means landing at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) consistently and reliably. Attending to your social…

Young women doing a Google Digital Garage course online

Gain Knowledge With Google Digital Garage

As a business leader or owner, you know digital marketing must get a significant portion of your marketing dollars and person-hours. Enter Google Digital Garage….

definition of terms

TF*IDF, Content Creation, and You

TF*IDF is an algorithm that’s essential to high-quality content creation. This acronym for Term Frequency (TF) and Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) is crucial to how…

Construction marketing. Smiling engineer shakes hands at construction site with happy man in business casual.

Construction Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Construction marketing is sometimes overlooked when it comes to digital marketing. Many traditional marketing professionals may feel out of their depth regarding the demand for…

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