Someone pressing a button on a keyboard that says "delete"

Should You Delete Old Blog Posts?

  There’s a case to be made for and against old blog posts. On the one hand, you can simply update your posts to keep…

Someone viewing a real estate website on a tablet, viewing a large image

What You Might Not Know About Image SEO

You may recognize keywords, SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) headings, white-hat, and black-hat as part of SEO jargon. You should place image SEO squarely in…

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Creating an SEO Strategy for eCommerce

SEO strategy can fit into two distinct categories: “Before Pandemic” and “After Pandemic.” eCommerce SEO strategy is now more crucial to business success than ever…

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How to Optimize Your Social Media for SEO

Winning at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means landing at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) consistently and reliably. Attending to your social…

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TF*IDF, Content Creation, and You

TF*IDF is an algorithm that’s essential to high-quality content creation. This acronym for Term Frequency (TF) and Inverse Document Frequency (IDF) is crucial to how…

Cheerful woman at work on a laptop. SEO Meta Tags are useful to improve SERP rankings.

Guide to SEO Meta Tags

In the quest for superior search rank and online visibility, SEO meta tags pack a big traffic punch for such a small snippet of text….

SEO Packages for small business owners like this young woman smiling, surrounded by boxes

SEO Packages for Small Business

SEO packages for small business may seem like a pipe dream to many entrepreneurs in today’s economy. With all of the day-to-day expenses that startups…

guy wonders about squarespace vs. wordpress SEO

Squarespace vs. WordPress SEO

Squarespace vs. WordPress SEO is a debate as old as, “The Stones or the Beatles?” or, “Coffee or tea?”. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that…

Female small business owner uses Weebly SEO

Weebly SEO Tips for Small Business

How do website builder platforms do their SEO? When it comes to website visibility on Google and other search engines, is it possible to create…


What You Need to Know about Wix and SEO

Wix has been a leader in the DIY website building world for several years. However, Wix and SEO have not always gone hand-in-hand.  Happily, Wix…