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Let’s say you just opened up a business and are ready to pick a location in Chiang Mai to open the storefront. Where would you be looking for a good place to buy a storefront?

Would you go into the middle of nowhere that takes a lot of effort for people to get to, or would you pick a location in the center of where everything happens?

Right — you would pick a location where all the people are!

Here’s the thing — it’s no different for online marketing and targeting. There is absolutely a prime location that will drive leads — and clients — to your digital storefront.

And there is absolutely the digital No Man’s Land where you will never get found, and never make a dollar.

That’s why Chiang Mai SEO is here; we know what it takes to get your digital storefront and business to that prime location. We put your business where everyone looking for your services or products will find you.

This often-misunderstood service is called SEO or, Search Engine Optimization. And let us tell you — it’s imperative that you have a good SEO firm behind your business.

So, What Exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the art of using many methods and tactics to push your business’s website to the first page of Google for your industry.

SEO is what drives traffic to individual websites, while others go unvisited. It’s no secret that bigger companies receive higher traffic, and this doesn’t happen by accident.

With backlinks, high-quality content writing, features in online publications with high readership, and a consistent campaign we push your site from page 2, 3, 4…up to page one.

And we don’t stop at page one — we continually add value to your website and get you completely dominating the front page. By continuing to fill your sites with content that people, and web crawlers, want to see, you’ll become more visible to tons of new potential customers.

Page Two of the Google Search Results is a Vast and Empty Ocean

It’s not that we have anything against page two of Google; there are some excellent businesses there! However, those companies aren’t going to get the website traffic they need to grow.

Why? Because page two is where people go to hide the dead body; because nobody looks there. Maybe you haven’t seen this meme, but it’s a big deal in the SEO world and the reason why is because it’s true.

If you’re on page two of Google in Chiang Mai, you’re hiding. Nobody can find you. Not even your mother; not even your crazy ex-girlfriend.

Not even your kids! And that’s saying something. Maybe they should build a bathroom inside of Google!

Anyways, I want you to try and remember the last time you searched for something online. Did you click one of the first few results, or did you go down a rabbit hole?

Just like when you’re looking for results, you want better information now. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other top search engine names ensure that what they deem to be the “best” option appears first.

As a result, if you don’t become an option until page two, or God forbid, even page three, the chances of getting found are slim to none.

Before you try putting your logo on the back of a milk carton, there’s a far better option. Chiang Mai SEO can help give your business the bump it needs to reach tons of new customers now!

Give Me the SEO NOW!

Because we’ve been helping business owners get better results for a long time, we’ve heard a lot of funny things from clients. One of my personal favorites came from an enthusiastic, but otherwise clueless client who demanded that we hand over his SEO right that second.

If only it were so simple! I would have gladly passed it along and been on my way. Unfortunately, SEO isn’t just one easy task; it’s a bunch of technical ones working together.

Think about going to a concert, or a symphony. No one wants to just hear a trombone play for an hour!

But when you add in the strings, the clarinets, the trumpets, it all becomes stunningly beautiful! In the same way, we get remarkable results that are sure to dazzle.

We offer the best SEO services around that come together. When you pick us as your SEO experts, we can give you the best techniques, including:

That Sounds Great! …But What Is All That?

I know, I know — a lot of that stuff sounds weird. But I promise I’m not just making up words!

There are a number of ways to influence the level of SEO ranking your pages can have. Our services are tried and true techniques that are still highly effective.

Some SEO methods require changing the content of a page, while other techniques happen out of sight. But by combining the right mix of tactics to your marketing needs, you can see a significant increase in sales.

Before you’re overwhelmed and searching for a glossary, I’ll just take the time to explain what it is we do. By the end, you’ll be ready to hire us!

Quality Original Content

In today’s world of #FakeNews, it’s no longer how many words your pages have, but what they say. Google is a lot more discerning these days about what people should see, and what’s better left buried on page 2 and below.

High-quality content that is originally written is what SEO is all about these days. By following specific formatting guidelines and having custom-tailored content, you’re sure to gain an audience fast!

Content absolutely has to be original today as well. Too many hacks out there were merely plagiarizing their work, forcing everyone to see sites build entirely with Copy and Paste!

But when you create content that can’t be found anywhere else, the search engines take notice. They’ll see that you’re the real deal and that you deserve more traffic over those other guys!

This emphasis on quality, original content builds what is called “authority.” When Google sees you as an expert in your field, or at least, that’s the impression; they will favor your content over poor quality postings.


Backlinking also helps with this. When you create different pages of content that connect to one another, it’s like a rope guiding Google to you.

The more pages of original content that reference one another, the more you look like you know what you’re talking about. And because customers prefer to deal with an expert, Google will want to introduce them to you!

Backlinks are more or less like hyperlinks. The difference here is that they are highly specific, and made for a purpose other than attributing source information.

Bloggers are probably already aware of backlinking, even if they never called it that. They use hyperlinks to take readers from the entry that they’re currently on to a different one that they already published.

This doesn’t just create more traffic to a post that didn’t receive as much love, but it also helps to build up their brand. Suddenly Google starts recognizing this traffic increase, and they throw you into the spotlight! BAM!

Backlinking has to be left to the professionals, though. If not done correctly, Google will think that you’re spam. And when that happens, you can kiss those top spots in the search rankings goodbye!

Established Publication Audiences

If you wrote an article, would you want it published in The Daily Trash or the New York Times? That’s a no-brainer, right?

It is, and yet, many SEO companies just send your content anywhere. Instead, Chiang Mai SEO targets key publications that represent the industry your company operates in.

Not only does this get your business’ information in front of a wider audience, but it’s readers who are already interested in what you can offer. Remember, SEO is all about going where the people are!

Attempting to build an audience from scratch is next to impossible these days. Readers don’t want to have to create a community; they want to just walk up and enjoy themselves.

Instead of focusing on getting page views, we can make reaching a wider, better audience simple. This increases conversions, placing your pages in front of people who want to see it.

Because we target established audiences, you can see better results faster! Stop wasting time and start focusing on sales!

Sounds Good! But Why Can’t I Just Do It?

Ah, yes, my favorite question! Now that you’ve heard how easy SEO can be, you want in.

I get it; you’re a business owner, and business owners save money where they can. But if there’s one thing that you should pay for, it’s SEO!

Picture your favorite book. You probably know exactly where you left it, right?

What if you remember setting your book down on the table before going to bed, and waking up to find it somewhere completely different?

You may feel like you’re going crazy, but this can happen online, too. You wake up one morning with a high search ranking, only to discover that you’ve all but fallen off the face of the Earth!

What happens is, to better combat all the spam people put up with, Google and other search engines will randomly change their search algorithms. They know that the spammers won’t be able to catch up, and it’s a great way to throw them off!

Unfortunately, they don’t tell anyone what changes they’re supposed to make to their websites. As a result, all business owners, even big corporations, have to scramble to find their way back to page one.

As your experienced team of Chiang Mai SEO professionals, we know which tactics have long-lasting effects, as well as how to sniff out clues to get you back on track when they shake things up.

Because we’ve been in the industry for so long, we know what to expect when things change. We also continue to improve our services, learning the latest and greatest to continue to help you well into the future!

Can Anyone Offer SEO Service?

Professionally speaking, no; SEO relies on stringent policies and procedures that frequently change. The average person is just simply not going to have the experience, or the knowledge, that it takes to keep up.

Sure, you can read an article about five tips for better blogging. But even if you use all five, are you going to suddenly explode with new visitors?

Chances are unless you’re incredibly lucky, the answer is no. You need a team that is tying together a web of different tactics that boost your business.

A lot of what drives traffic to your site is behind the scenes magic; much of it isn’t even visible by readers!

Because of this, it takes true experienced professionals who know what they’re doing to get your pages off of the ground. Some of what we do even involves a degree of website coding!

We improve your pages from the inside out, creating a powerful mix of tools that get results. Even if there are no visible changes, you can rest assured that we’re working hard for you.

Why Should I Choose You For MY Chaing Mai SEO?

That’s a great question, especially when there are a ton of SEO companies available. However, only Chiang Mai SEO has the experience that you need.

Many SEO services are offered by people who haven’t been paying attention. They use old outdated methods that don’t work.

Our team of professionals continuously keep up with the latest trends, as well as what changes Google is recently looking for. By staying on top of the most recent changes to search algorithms, as well as sustained best practices, we can continue pushing your rankings higher.

We always use the most effective and efficient services for your business. When you need to know you’re going to soar, we’ll get you all the way to the top!

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