Online Publishing

It’s time to add content to your blog. As a savvy business owner, you understand that having excellent content with vetted keywords and specific intent drives traffic to your website. But, with everything else it takes to run your business, website content always falls to another day.

That’s why Romain Berg is the most qualified digital marketing partner for your business. Let us show you how adding content that converts to your existing website or blog is the best place to begin this partnership.  

When you choose Romain Berg for your content needs, you’re working with a champion team of writers out to learn and master your brand voice. We create customized evergreen content that speaks directly to your ideal customers and invites more of them into your audience.

We have a highly specialized process that results in content tailored exactly to your needs, your tone, and your voice.  

Here’s our 4 Step Process

Step 1: Personality Assessment

We do a thorough analysis of your website with our proprietary artificial intelligence software that provides us with clarity about the unique personality of your site. We gain insight into the style, tone, and voice that will best promote your business. 

Your website content is a reflection of you and your business. Are you a bit adventurous and a risk-taker? Or practical and pragmatic at all costs? Are you compassionate and empathetic? 

Who are you targeting with your products and services? What kind of language appeals to them?  Answers to these questions can guide us in creating the most “convertible” content possible for you and your business.  

Step 2: Logical Content Manager Pairing

Every business is unique, even if you have several competitors. Our Content Managers take the time to get to know you and your business so all your published materials are on point with your brand values. 

When we match you with your Content Manager, we find the person on our staff who has the interest or experience with your industry, product type, or service sector. Further, we seek to cherry-pick our staff to match your business personality.

For example, if your company’s target audience are Sales and Marketing VP’s, we choose a content manager for you who is comfortable interfacing with that audience. 

If your business personality blends humor, wit, and consumer accessibility, your ideal Content Manager should have a similar voice and tone, naturally. 

Step 3: Research & Editorial Calendar

Your Content Manager will research trending topics and keywords that will drive traffic to your website. We create evergreen articles that readers find and return to time and again, building trust with your brand.

Effective content production and curation is a team effort. You’ll have a chance to review your monthly editorial calendar for consideration and input. 

If you have creative ideas you want to promote for a special event, holiday, or promotion, we will work with you to get that article published and ranking well in advance of your big day or season.

Step 4: Write, Edit, Publish

After analyzing your website and brand personality, finding the perfect Content Manager, and strategizing your content calendar, we are ready to create blog articles that increase your business traffic–both online and offline. 

Your Content Manager will work with our outstanding writer pool and discover who can best capture your brand archetype in your content. We train all our copywriters to create your blog articles or web pages using the extensive guidelines we’ve created for your primary and complementary brand archetypes. 

Next, one of our editors reviews each piece making sure that the writing meets our rigorous standards. We check for spotless grammar, excellent organization, compelling introductions, and keyword placement. We ensure all content created is original, just for you. 

From our Founding Partner, Sam Romain:

“We use both Human & Software to edit every piece of content. Most agencies just tell the same writer to run the words through an editing program, but after processing over 30 million words (and growing) we have found that its very hard if not impossible for a writer to edit their own work and software alone is never enough.”

Romain Berg: your comprehensive digital marketing partner  

We get it. As an owner, it’s paramount that all your messaging reflects your unique values and vocabulary. When choosing a digital marketing partner, you want the agency who will speak as an extension of yourself in every piece of content published.  

Romain Berg is that partner, and we prove it with every client we serve. Our client traffic data ensure we live up to our brand message: Focused On Results, Not Hype.

Take our free AI-driven website personality test and let’s get started aligning your content with traffic that converts.