The term “4-pack” typically refers to a package or grouping of four individual items sold together as a single unit. It is commonly used in the context of consumer goods, such as beverages where drinks like beer or soda are bundled together in a set of four. The packaging is designed to provide convenience for the consumer, allowing them to purchase multiple units of a product in a single transaction, often at a slight discount compared to buying four items separately. Marketers might leverage the 4-pack offering to encourage trial of a new product, to promote bulk buying, or to cater to specific consumer needs such as party supplies or portion control. The 4-pack configuration is also a strategic choice for shelf presence and can influence the perceived value of the product. By offering a 4-pack, companies can also potentially increase the overall sales volume of their product by enticing customers to purchase more than they might individually, while also providing a packaging option that suggests a certain lifestyle or consumption pattern.

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