Bounce rate in email marketing

Bounce rate in email marketing refers to the percentage of email messages that are not successfully delivered to the recipients’ inboxes and are returned or rejected by the recipient’s email server. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including when the recipient’s email address is invalid, the mailbox is full, the server is down, or there are issues with the email content that trigger spam filters. A high bounce rate is often an indicator of problems with the email list quality or with the email delivery infrastructure. It’s important for marketers to monitor their bounce rate because it can affect the sender’s reputation and the overall effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. To maintain a healthy bounce rate, marketers should regularly clean their email lists, removing invalid or inactive email addresses, and ensure that their email content is relevant, engaging, and complies with email deliverability best practices. By doing so, they can improve the chances that their emails will reach their intended audience and achieve their marketing objectives.

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