HREFLANG, also known as “hreflang attribute,” is an HTML attribute that is crucial for websites that have content in multiple languages or that target audiences in different geographic regions. This attribute helps search engines understand the language and geographical targeting of a webpage, which in turn allows the search engines to serve the most appropriate version of a page to users based on their language preference or location. By implementing HREFLANG tags, website owners can signal to search engines like Google which version of a page is intended for users in a specific country or who speak a particular language. This is particularly important for multinational companies and websites that want to provide localized content without risking duplicate content penalties. Proper use of the HREFLANG attribute can improve user experience by directing users to the content in their preferred language and can also enhance a website’s SEO performance by ensuring that the correct regional or linguistic version of a site is indexed and ranked in search results.

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