Impressions in the context of marketing and advertising refer to the number of times an advertisement or any form of digital content is displayed to users. This term is critical in understanding the reach of an advertisement or campaign. Impressions are not to be confused with engagement or clicks, as they merely track the frequency with which content is seen, not the interaction level. For instance, if an online banner ad is shown 1000 times, it has generated 1000 impressions. This metric is particularly important for advertisers paying for their campaigns on a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) basis, where they are charged for every thousand impressions their ad receives. Impressions can be cumulative, adding up over time to give marketers a sense of the overall exposure their campaign is getting. It’s a key indicator of a campaign’s ability to capture attention and is often used in conjunction with other metrics like click-through rates to gauge the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Furthermore, impressions can be a useful measure for brand awareness campaigns, where the goal is to maximize the visibility of a product or service.

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