MQL or Marketing Qualified Lead

A Marketing Qualified Lead, commonly abbreviated as MQL, is a lead that has been deemed more likely to become a customer compared to other leads based on specific criteria and actions they have taken. These leads have typically engaged with a company’s marketing efforts and have shown interest in the business’s products or services. The qualification of these leads is often determined through lead scoring, a process that assigns values to leads based on their behavior or profile information. For instance, an MQL may have downloaded content, filled out a form, subscribed to a newsletter, or repeatedly visited a company’s website. This level of engagement suggests that the lead has a genuine interest in the company and is more prepared to move forward in the sales process. The identification of MQLs is crucial for sales and marketing teams as it allows them to prioritize their efforts and resources on prospects with the highest potential for conversion, thereby increasing the efficiency of the sales funnel and the likelihood of closing deals.

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