Orphan Pages

Orphan pages are web pages that exist on a website but are not linked to from any other page on that site, effectively isolating them from the site’s main navigation structure. This means that users and search engines may have difficulty discovering these pages, as there are no internal links that lead to them. Orphan pages can occur for various reasons, such as when a website is restructured and old pages are not properly redirected, or when new pages are created without being added to the site’s navigation menu or linked from other relevant pages. These pages can negatively impact a website’s SEO performance because search engines rely on links to crawl and index the content of a website. If a page is not linked to, it is less likely to be indexed, which means it won’t appear in search engine results and will not drive traffic to the website. To fix this issue, website owners need to conduct regular audits of their site to identify orphan pages and then either remove them if they are no longer needed or integrate them into the site’s navigation structure by adding appropriate internal links.

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