Rich snippet

A rich snippet refers to the enhanced search result displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) that goes beyond the standard blue link, URL, and meta description. Rich snippets provide additional information to users by pulling through more detailed and visually appealing information from the content of a webpage. This additional data can include images, ratings, prices, author details, and other elements that make the search result more informative and attractive, potentially increasing the click-through rate (CTR) from the search results to the webpage. Rich snippets are created by using structured data markup, such as vocabulary, which webmasters can add to their HTML to communicate specific details about their content to search engines. When search engines understand the content of the page better, they can present it more effectively to users who are searching for related information. Rich snippets can be particularly beneficial for websites offering recipes, products, events, reviews, and other content that can be enriched with additional details. By improving the visibility and appeal of search results, rich snippets can help drive more targeted traffic to a website, increase engagement, and potentially lead to higher conversion rates.

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