SSP or Supply-side Platform

A Supply-side Platform, commonly abbreviated as SSP, is a technological solution used primarily by online publishers to automate and optimize the selling of their advertising space to advertisers. It functions as a digital marketplace that enables publishers to connect their inventory with multiple ad exchanges, networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) in real-time. The primary goal of an SSP is to help publishers maximize their ad revenue by efficiently managing their ad impressions through dynamic pricing and real-time bidding (RTB). Through SSPs, publishers can set floor prices for their ad slots, ensuring that they do not sell their inventory for less than the desired amount. SSPs offer a range of tools and analytics that allow publishers to gain insights into the performance of their ad inventory, including which ads are most effective and which advertisers are willing to pay premium prices. By leveraging SSPs, publishers can streamline their ad operations, reduce the need for manual negotiations, and increase the competitiveness of their ad space in the market. This technology has become an integral part of programmatic advertising, transforming the way digital advertising space is bought and sold.

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