Ready, Set, SEO.

Romain Berg Digital MarketingSmall business marketing today is all about your digital presence, whether your team is 100 percent online or you own a local brick-and-mortar.

Knowing just enough about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be “dangerous” won’t get you seen or paid by your target customers.

In today’s busy online commerce melting pot, your digital business footprint must be able to “dance” expertly with Google and social media platforms. Visibility, and of course, your amazing products and services, are the sure-fire “steps” needed to grow and succeed as a business owner.

And, the search engine music is continually changing. Competitive and successful businesses in every sector must be light on their feet and strategic in their digital “choreography” to stay in the minds of the Google judges and rise to the top of the pile.

That’s where Romain Berg comes in.  If “dancing” with Google is the competitive digital marketing field, then we are Fred Astair. Romain Berg is the ultimate in leadership, footwork, and confidence when it comes to the Google dance.

Though sometimes our metaphors are imaginative, our methods are not. We know what works and we deliver superior SEO results that drive traffic with every client we serve. We are your number one Minneapolis digital marketing agency, and we are ready to prove it.

Why Effective SEO Strategies Should Matter To You

Gone are the days when you could slap a banner on a bus stop bench and watch the customers roll in. While offline marketing tactics can still help your business, everyone looks for what they need online.

Romain Berg matches your brand voice to our precisely researched keywords and strategically timed web design as well as user experience improvements. Then, you’re on your way to enhanced visibility.

Enhanced visibility combined with your quality of service, relevant offers and calls to action mean your bottom line goes up and to the right.

Further, Romain Berg’s precision website construction involves a profound understanding of Google algorithms and nimble adaptability to search engine algorithm changes.

Sites that rank well in the inception of a business will likely not hold their high rankings as time goes on.  With Romain Berg, we’ll continue to update and optimize your comprehensive SEO strategies based on the real-time changes Google makes in it’s ranking decisions.

So, even if Google changes its mind about how businesses rank, Romain Berg will re-optimize your site from top to bottom to keep you in front of your customers.

When you partner with Romain Berg, your content, link building, keywords, organic search results, and traffic stay fresh and fascinating to your customer base. Therefore, your rankings remain high for as long as we partner together.

If Google Is The Dance, Content Is The Orchestra

Not only is Romain Berg the Fred Astair of the Google dance floor, but our copywriting team is the orchestra that makes the show go. A great orchestra is nearly invisible. No one notices when they are playing, but everyone hears when they are not.

Our copywriters are like that. Our content team creates fresh and relevant content running as a consistent “background” in your SEO strategy. That kind of material results in a fresh and relevant website, which drives your search rankings higher.

With our keyword and intent-specific content curations, your lead generation and sales conversions increase visibly and quickly.

We are great at content direction. We light up the backdrop of your website and invite your customers to enjoy your products and services.

We woo them in with words that matter to them and solve their problems. We use AI to tease out the vocabulary that resonates the most with the people you want to attract.

This method plays out in search engine rankings, but also in customer engagement.  We are SEO experts at using your precise brand voice and vocabulary to educate and engage your target audience.

Far from “telling them what they want to hear,” we speak your company’s message in relatable ways that call explicitly to the audience you want to attract.

Your buyer persona matters to us, and the content we produce reflects that with every article we write. We write the songs of your people, and we do it with ease, joy, and enthusiasm. Most importantly, our content gets you customers.

Dominate The Digital SEO Dance With Romain Berg

Our pioneering SEO successes across a wide variety of industry suggest that what we do works. It comes down to this. If we’re not getting you customers with our marketing strategy, we’re not doing our job as the leader in the Minneapolis SEO services field.

Our transparency is our number one loyalty tool.  With every change we make to your website and content optimization, we’ll gladly allow you as much behind the curtain as you care to go.

However, we are the SEO agency experts for one reason alone: to help you be the best small business owner you can be. We suspect if you’re here now, you’d rather run your business and serve your clients than worry about SEO and digital marketing.

Our service is turn-key.  We do all the SEO and marketing work so you can do you.

Your trust in our SEO methodology is what keeps us growing as a premier local marketing seo agency. We’ll show you the results as we achieve them, and you’ll know with confidence that we have your small (or large) business success at heart with our SEO services.

Let’s get started on the first steps to hiring your SEO agency and drive more organic traffic to your thriving business.