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When local businesses need help to grow, expand, discover new audience members, or enlarge their influential footprint, owners need help from experts who know the region intimately. Hiring a Minneapolis website design agency is the first step to increase local traffic on your site and your storefront.

Here’s why it’s essential for Minneapolis businesses to consult a local digital marketing agency for Minneapolis web design: We know the local lay of the land, and we help you speak to your local prospects so they will buy your products and services.

At Romain Berg, we value all our clients, and we’re based in Minneapolis. ​Fill out our contact form today​. We’ll be in touch for website development that connects flawlessly and reliably with your local audience.

Define your audience

For any local company, especially brick-and-mortars, clearly defining your audience and attracting them to your website will make or break your business.

46% of all Google searches target local businesses, and 88% of those searchers visit a location within one day​.

When your website lands at the top of the search rank, your chances to convert searchers to customers increases exponentially.

Romain Berg can help you accurately target your audience base, according to the “personality” traits, or archetype, of your business. We’ll help you outline several critical markers in your ideal customer and use this information to work with the design of your website.

Use their language

After we’ve drilled down into the details of your buyer persona, we’ll help you talk to them in ways that forge immediate connections, understanding, and trust.

Your web content is likely the first contact your potential customers have with your business, and our content team is ready to help you use your brand voice to magnetize a loyal, local customer base.

We use structured data schema as well as relevant articles to interface continually with search engine algorithms so that your search results give the most complete impression of your organization.

Our experienced content team members assist you in establishing your company as regional experts in your sector, as well as clearly communicating your message in your unique brand voice.

Simple aesthetics, practical website design

As a Minneapolis business owner, your custom-designed website must showcase simplicity and clarity above all. Sure, you can let your business personality shine through in crucial ways on your site, and you should. However, too much clutter is a turn-off for most searchers looking for what they want.

A website design that uses intent, words, images, and structured data efficiently will rise above the rest in search rankings and the minds of your audience members.

Our designers help you de-clutter your website and wow your audience with simplicity and function.

A local agency with broad appeal

Romain Berg has deep leadership roots in Minneapolis and greater Minnesota. We blend our knowledge of leading-edge website development, SEO techniques, industry trends, and content production with the down-home pragmatism inherent to Minnesota in both big cities and small towns.

We know what our locals want, and we help your company deliver a message that builds trust, loyalty, and a solid reputation quickly and successfully. You’ll see it in your conversion stats.

From pay-per-click to social media to blogging, we have Minnesota consumer keywords on lock. We can also help you integrate all of your marketing channels into one omnichannel strategy.

Romain Berg: We deliver results, not hype

Above all, we believe that results speak the loudest when it comes to our web design and digital marketing services and your investment. When your traffic and conversion rates soar, we score one for the team.

Our staff works closely with you to craft the web page, SEO, and content messages you need to send to rank high in searches and to connect seamlessly with your customers.

Partner with the minneapolis web design service specialist in your website design, and reap the customer rewards for seasons to come.

Contact us today ​to get started building the website or designing content on which you can rely to deliver customers to your virtual and real-life storefront.