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Radio advertising: A essential complement to digital marketing

Although Romain Berg focuses on the digital side of marketing, we can’t deny that offline marketing media forms are vital to creating an Omnichannel presence for your business.

Using our digital expertise, we can accurately track the effectiveness of your offline advertisements as they correlate to increased calls, website traffic, and sales generated.

Radio advertising combines with your digital marketing strategy for more opportunities to share your brand story with an expanded audience.

It’s no secret that we remember what we hear when it resonates with our values and fills a need. We’re certain you can recall a time when you needed a service, and a familiar radio add came to mind as you searched for providers.

Some local examples of these ear-worms include radio ads from ZeroRez Carpet Cleaners, Liberty Mutual Insurance, or does Radio Drive ring a bell for anyone? (Greater MN residents, we’re winking at you.)

The power of your brand story

Radio advertising offers local businesses the opportunity to tell their stories providing validation and trust over the airwaves.

Your radio ad strategy should optimize your brand story and use specific vocabulary that aligns with your brand archetype (We wrote about these in a blog post you can find here).

You’ll be reaching out specifically to listeners who resonate with your brand personality and inviting them into your customer base with this powerful medium.

Further, you’ll need to discern the essential elements of your story and drill them home in your ad script to fit the short commercial length. Most commonly, you’ll get 15 seconds or 30 seconds to captivate your ideal customers.

We are experts in ad copy efficiency and effectiveness at Romain Berg.

Insert your company directly into the lives of your customers

When you launch a radio ad, you’re inserting yourself directly into the lives of your customers as they drive, think, and feel behind the wheel. It’s an opportunity to connect with your audience in a way that no other medium provides.

Radio ads can create a right-now solution for a real-world problem your customer thinks about while heading to work, picking up the kids, or taking the dog to the vet.

When you articulate those problems and solve them in a radio ad, you establish a relationship with your customer base. Relationships breed sales.

At Romain Berg, we get to know your company and your sales objectives down to the smallest detail. Before we market you, we seek to understand you and your brand values so we can speak in your unique voice with each ad we create.

Our proprietary Business Personality Analysis software helps us discover and articulate your unique style and brand position as we create your new ad copy.

Romain Berg: your partner in radio advertising that converts to traffic

At Romain Berg, our comprehensive marketing approach combines demonstrated excellence in all things digital with winning radio ads. We back up our complete DFY services with conversion data you can trust.

We’ll be able to accurately link your website traffic with your radio ad run and continually optimize our approach for the following:

  • Ad length (Targeted 60, 30, 15, and 10-second spots, as well as 5-second impact spots running throughout the day.)
  • Keyword content
  • Tone and story
  • Archetype vocabulary for audience resonance
  • Time of day

We regularly report your traffic data so you can see what’s working and where your strategy may need to shift. In essence, if we’re not increasing your traffic and sales, we’re not doing our job.

Put our advertising expertise to work for your bottom line. Radio ads are an essential part of building local audiences in brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses.

Romain Berg has you covered in every marketing arena. Fill out our contact form today, and let’s get you heard and paid with radio advertising.