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What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

More than ever, an unfavorable reputation can critically damage your business. But it’s not just about negative reviews on Yelp or Google. It also includes:

  • Dissatisfaction with your product or service
  • Dismal customer service
  • Dull website articles and blog posts
  • Lack of positive or SEO-driven content
  • Amateur-level tone or brand voice
  • Unexpected company strife or unrest
  • A personal crisis of an employee, particularly an executive
  • Actions that break the law
  • Involvement with unethical or less-than-desirable people

However, it’s not always so simple.

Sometimes, you may be the innocent victim of an obscure, newly-enacted law. Or, a regulatory agency got defunded, which has put you in its aggressive, “find-money-at-all-costs” crosshairs at no fault of your own. Or, a new administration in Washington has placed you in the middle of a power play that has nothing to do with you.

Unfortunately – and ultimately – the reasons don’t matter. Your business reputation is being battered, and you can’t ignore if you want to survive.

How you deal with one (or more) of these is crucial to overcoming the given situation and limiting its damage.

Why Does Online Reputation Management (ORM) Matter?

According to Inc., online reputation matters:

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they believe a friend’s recommendation.
  • Nearly 7 in 10 don’t decide about a product or service until reading up to six reviews.

Here’s what Forbes says has to say about online reputation:

  • Nearly 75% of consumers trust a business more when it has a positive reputation.
  • Your business risks losing almost 25% of your business due to one negative article on the first page of a prospect’s search results.

All of this means that your online reputation is critical to your success.

At Romain Berg, we don’t believe in quick fixes that merely remove reviews and complaints. We’ve developed next-level tactics that work because we don’t approach online reputation management like everyone else.

The Romain Berg Approach

Our methods are layered and tailored to meet the needs of your business and could involve any one or more of the following:

Fostering Positive PR

First and foremost, a proactive approach helps build positive press for you. We’ll work with you to find out about the positive contributions you’ve made to your community, such as:

  • Charity work
  • Helping homeless veterans
  • Sponsoring rescue pets at the local shelter

We’ll make sure that positive content about these and other legitimate interactions get strategically posted everywhere to turn around bad press you’ve received.

SEO for Reputation Management

This is an underrated and underused method to repair your reputation. It’s not flashy, but it works.

Our team will craft content about your business – from blog posts and articles to social media content – that’s both positive and neutral. It’s a subtle way to make sure the poor reputation content is overshadowed.

Cranking out consistent, regular positive and neutral content will begin to outrank the harmful content so that it’s far from the front page of search engine results.

The Use of Legal Services

No one likes to employ legal services, but doing so is an effective way to take care of consumers who are exercising a vendetta or using tactics that are less-than-savory to ruin the reputation of a business.

Why Turn to Romain Berg?

We have a variety of tools at our disposal, including several that no one else uses. We’ll be happy to talk about them with you in person because they aren’t always applicable in every case.

In general, here’s how we’ll help your online reputation management:

The Romain Berg Team

We’re a discerning team focused on results, not hype. We don’t work with just anyone, though. We pride ourselves on certain principles, and we work with businesses that reflect similar ones.

When we do work with you, however, our team of online experts will diagnose the issue affecting your reputation. Then we will exhaust every option to restore it to its pristine level.

Rest assured that we will not outsource your ORM. We do everything in-house, ensuring discretion and confidentiality because your privacy is our top priority.

Lastly, you’ll see that we’re a true digital marketing agency. Results from SEO, marketing, and cutting-edge technology are our calling cards. We’re not a PR enterprise or self-help service; we work hard to give your business explosive growth, which could mean protecting your brand.

Customizing a Strategy

We sit down with you to discuss the issues with the reputation of your business. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution (and, frankly, if someone does offer such a solution to you, beware).

Your business is unique, so the ORM strategy for your business must be as well, for it to succeed.


We don’t use “black hat” techniques or questionable ethics to get results. You’ll always be in the know with regular updates of what we’re doing to burnish your reputation – and how we’re doing it.


Our team features experts who build applications designed to keep track of real-time results, allowing us to notice potential problems before they happen, repair minor issues before they become major ones, and take care the most challenging troubles that have already arisen.

Bottom line? We have the technology to work with you to improve your brand’s ORM.

Contact Romain Berg About Online Reputation Management

Control your brand’s reputation and online image. With ORM services from Romain Berg, the search landscape will be targeted with laser-like precision that ensures your reputation stays polished or is restored to its previous level.

You’ll get proven strategies designed to be effective without nefarious black hat ops that risk further damage. Your reputation is our reputation, built on expertise, trust, discretion, and a customized strategy.