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Finding a reputable SEO agency in St. Cloud, Minnesota can be hard- but when you know what to look for you, it can become pretty easy.  Naturally, here at Romain Berg of St. Cloud, MN we think we’re pretty great- but just to help you decide for yourself, we’re going to tell the importance of SEO, and the importance of good quality SEO.

St. Cloud SEO- Honesty Is The Best Policy

If you meet with an SEO agency and you’re told right from the start, “I can get you on page one of Google in no time,” then I would run far far away.  Any quality SEO agency knows that it takes time, patience, skill, and looking at a lot of variables before we can even begin to say how long it will take.  St. Cloud SEO doesn’t make promises without looking at everything and then explaining how this all works- so you know not to have unrealistic explanations. SO, how long WILL it take to get results?  We don’t know. But we can meet, look at the variables and metrics, and give you an excellent answer after that.

SEO Experts That Show Their Work

Something else to look for here in the St. Cloud, MN SEO industry- is companies that don’t offer any evidence or tracking on the metrics of your business’s site.  If you’re going to be investing money monthly for their services, you deserve to see where that money is going and how it’s working.  There are a lot of programs and software out there for SEO experts to use- if you come across one that doesn’t use that, then they aren’t an expert. St. Cloud SEO offers all our clients weekly metrics updates, and if they don’t make sense, we talk over the phone and go through it.  It’s pretty fun if you ask us, to watch your site gain more traffic and get a better ranking!

Don’t Panic, Romain Berg of St. Cloud Has Your Back!

Look- we’re business owners too. We know the perils of running a business, and we are aware the stress it can cause.  The last thing you need as a business in St. Cloud is to pay for SEO and marketing and not be able to reach out and brainstorm- even randomly. If you can’t ever get a hold of your SEO guy or gal, they aren’t experts in the field.  Any expert in SEO knows the hours are random, and the needs are great.  That’s why we are available anytime, any day and for any reason- even if you need just a few encouraging words!

Experts in SEO That Change With The Times

When it comes to trends in online marketing and ever revolving Google Algorithms- staying ahead of the game and changing accordingly is incredibly important.  If we aren’t paying attention, we’re not doing our job.  Google changes so many things so fast that if we blink- we could miss it.  So here at St. Cloud SEO- we don’t blink.  It hurts a bit, but it’s worth it!  (ok, so we’re kidding. We DO blink, but we know where to look and what to watch).

Local St. Cloud Minnesota Experts

We’re not talking just experts in SEO, but experts in St. Cloud.  If your “expert” isn’t familiar with your local culture and the personality of its people- you’re not going to do well.  It’s imperative that should you hire anyone from out of the area, that they understand the people where you’re located.  Good news is, we’re familiar with St. Cloud and quite fond of it too!

Don’t wait any longer to give us call- we’re ready to take your business to the next level, and right here in St. Cloud!

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