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Some checking their site's analytics on a laptop

Some checking their site's analytics on a laptop

Every small business owner understands the need for reliable audience engagement, and traffic metrics. You can’t grow your business on only hopes, wishes, and good intentions, after all. 

Data-driven analytics let you know where your audience congregates. Then shows you how to leverage your online presence to boost traffic and sales. How do you keep your weekly and monthly reporting accurate when privacy restrictions and evolving online culture may restrict your information flow?

Google Analytics has recently announced several updates that can help you (ethically and legally) stay on top of your audience and engagement data. Let’s dissect what’s going on below, so you can get a jump on user data that helps your business grow.

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Staying ahead of your audience’s needs

A cartoon graphic of analytics and an audience

The pandemic has forced more and more consumers into online shopping, scrolling, and entertainment. It’s more crucial than ever to know and grow your audience and stand out in an ocean of products and services.

Having reliable data that pinpoints where your clicks originate and can predict audience behavior is crucial to success.

Using Google analytics to dive deeper into audience behaviors has become “a thing.” Here’s how several software updates can help you predict what your audience will do next:

  • Customer needs predictions over device metrics: Instead of merely telling what devices your audience clicks to find you, now you can obtain more meaningful audience insights:
  • Rising demand alerts for specific products: (so that you can forecast where to put your curating or manufacturing resources next. And know how to shift nimbly when your audience demand changes.)
  • Churn probability: Customer retention is more crucial than ever as more brands compete for consumer dollars online. Predictive analytics means you can invest more of your marketing budget to keep the customers you have by improving their experience with you online.
  • Revenue potential from precise audience segmentation: With this data, you can target your high-ticket products and services to the audience members most likely to purchase them. You can also leverage this metric to provide offers, deals, or product innovations. Focus on any audience segment you wish to invite, retain, or otherwise engage with your brand.

Knowing more about your audience’s behaviors and demographics can help you more than merely knowing which device or channel they used when they found you.

Create optimized user experiences

A survey on a tablet about user experience with happy faces and sad faces to indicate how the user feels.

With greater audience behavior familiarity comes the power to create memorable user experiences. 

When people see your products on social media or click-thru to your site via a paid ad, you’ll need to keep their eyeballs on your wares. What is the best way to do that? Amp up the customer experience based on what you know about their behavior. 

With updated Google Analytics tools, you can now compare all your channel engagement metrics side-by-side. This data can let you know if your video marketing on YouTube outperforms your other social media images, for example. 

With more precise engagement data, you can make more informed decisions about where to put your marketing dollars and time. When you focus squarely on the brand experience, your users indicate they want. Then, you’ll maximize your “pull” with those audiences.

Getting even more granular, you can also compare app engagement versus web clicks and engage more deeply with Google ads to further refine your audience reach.

Customer-centric is the name of the game.

A light bulb on analytics indicating insights in business

Boosting your bottom line is about more than just making the sale. Gaining more useful insights from Google Analytics means you can track your customer base in a “lifespan” context.

For instance, the new metric capabilities mean that you can pinpoint which audience members reside in a decision-making crucible. Then, speak precisely to their needs with your marketing. 

You can determine the audience segments stalking your social media platforms, building their desire for your products, and waiting for a “just right” offer before clicking your purchase link.

You can also track conversion trends within other audience segments and target your marketing anywhere along the customer engagement process. All of this data is contained in the new acquisition, conversion, and retention reports powered by Google Analytics.

Stay legal and ethical.

privacy drawn on a laptop indicating user privacy and ethics

With new restrictions on cookies and user data privacy, Google Analytics remains on the right side of the ethical and legal line. Users can always choose how much data to share with Google software platforms, and they can change their preferences at any time.

In the latest Google Analytics update, they pledge to remain relevant and useful without identifiers or cookies. Further advances in modeling mean that the platform can fill in data gaps when they occur. They do this with accurate user behavior predictions.

You can take advantage of these updates by creating a Google analytics 4 property alongside your existing account. You’ll be able to take a look around while retaining all the data from your current account. 

It’s smart to get to know the new data-gathering tools. These tools will give you new audience insights to steer your marketing initiatives into the new year and beyond. You can compare the new data set’s utility and see which version serves your business model more effectively.

You can likely use your new and existing Google Analytics accounts to create a flexible marketing approach as you familiarize yourself with deeper and more predictive customer behavior insights.

Get expert help navigating Google Analytics advancements.

A cartoon of a computer with Google Analytics on it

The team at Romain Berg stays ahead of the innovation curve at Google. We help you reap the rewards and avoid the pitfalls of each Google and other search engine update. 

We help you make sense of all the data available to optimize your brand’s online visibility and user experience. Reach out to us, and we will create a winning SEO, content, and website strategy designed to invite more customers to knock on your virtual door. 

With the results we deliver, more of those “door-knockers” will come in and stay with your brand for a long while to come.

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