5 of the Best Digital Marketing Tools


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Marketer considering the best digital marketing tools.

In the virtual space, it seems like there is nothing but chatter. There are so many platforms available to utilize in spreading your brand message and building a presence. For some, it can feel overwhelming. Narrowing down the best digital marketing tools will help you focus your efforts and have the most impact.

Running a company in the 21st century means that you aren’t just communicating with customers in real-time. You are also using digital platforms to reach your audience so that your brand visibility is available 24/7.

When you’re building a strategy, it’s essential to have the long game in mind. Romain Berg is a resource for entrepreneurs at all levels to gain crucial skills towards building a business that has an impact. Join us and gain access to incredible resources that will help you focus your efforts and achieve your goals.

Digital marketing is going to help boost your brand awareness, unlike any other marketing strategy. So let’s get into the main elements so you can get started today!

The best digital marketing tools are at your fingertips.

What are the best digital marketing tools?

The digital marketing tools that will serve your company the most should be easy to use and integrate into the tech you’re already using. If you’re wondering what some marketing tools are, read on to help you create a cohesive strategy.

Design Software

You do not need a degree in graphic design to navigate design software. There are incredible design platforms with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. Programs like Canva have built-in templates (and it’s free!) that allow you to immediately up your game and create professional designs.

Utilizing design software means that you don’t have to pay someone for every campaign. But bonus: you can pay someone to help set up your Canva so that it’s entirely branded with your fonts, logos, and color schemes.

It’s crucial to ensure that your online presence is cohesive and consistent. Everything must match in style and tone: the website, your social media presence, eCommerce pages, and more. Your marketing team (no matter how small) can benefit from this software.

Email Marketing 

Reaching out to your customers via their inbox is another excellent way to stay fresh in their minds. It’s more expensive to get new customers, so why not market well to those you already have? Utilize email marketing tools to help you reach them.

There are platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact that allow you to customize lists to target specific demographics. Additionally, you can track analytics which will help you understand what’s working and what to change.

Inbound marketing is a great way to maximize the audience you already have contact with.

Team at work with the best digital marketing tools.

Project Management Tools

Utilizing content planning software helps you keep track of projects and stay on schedule. A few examples are Airtable and Click Up. These tools can be beneficial to track content like blogs and social media posts and share the process with a team. You can also assign specific tasks to other folks and be able to monitor their progress.

Social Media Platforms

Like many entrepreneurs, you may have a love/hate relationship with social media. But it is hands down one of the most important platforms to pay attention to for building brand awareness.

How you interact with the public speaks volumes to your audience. Creating niche content also becomes easier on these platforms because you can target who you want to reach through hashtags and sponsored posts.

Utilizing software like Hootsuite allows you to plan content and then schedule to post. This software frees up time and helps you get a clearer picture of your posting calendar. Remember: consistency is vital with keeping the algorithm on your side, so make the most of your social media presence by sticking to a schedule.

Analytic Tools

These are going to be some of your most essential tools for building brand awareness. Using Google Analytics and Facebook/Instagram Insights will help you track what is working and what needs to go.

Analytics delivers the metrics of how many people clicked on your website (and how they got there). Or how many people clicked on an ad (and their demographic). This tool also helps you understand if you’re reaching your target audience, and if not, you know it’s time to shift your approach.

SEO tools will also help you better track how specific keywords on your website rank on popular search engines. You can also do keyword research to make sure you’re targeting the right words. Many have free trials to see if this would be helpful for your team!Your team needs access to the best digital marketing tools.


Best Practices for Utilizing Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools and technology excel over traditional marketing for several reasons. Most importantly, you can truly target your audience or marketing avatar, making a significant impact.

Being specific helps you create highly converting marketing campaigns. Finally, the vast options for analytics let you understand the metrics behind each successful campaign.

The most popular digital marketing tools help you pivot in real-time. You can see if an ad is converting well before your budget runs out. The best advice is always to test before you invest—Run A/B ads to ensure that you’re putting your money behind the best one.

You can use these five tools across multiple digital marketing strategies. You can pick and choose where to put your energy and where your audience is most likely to be engaging.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization for better online ranking
  • Boost content marketing with blogs to improve search engine ranking
  • Expand your reach with social media marketing
  • Utilize Pay Per Click ads or posts to reach the target audience
  • Connect with customers with email and native marketing
  • Utilize marketing automation to connect with warm leads
  • Connect with influencer marketing opportunities to reach a bigger audience

Digital Marketing Tells A Story

An essential element of digital marketing is creating an opportunity for connection. Your brand becomes a story or idea with which potential virtual customers want to connect. Through these different channels, you can provide ways for your audience to find you and understand you.

Romain Berg provides resources to entrepreneurs to help understand their brand identity and also build their unique voice. It is crucial when creating your digital marketing strategy and launching a campaign.

Join us and gain access to incredible educational insights and inspiration to help you empower your business to even greater levels of success.

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