Digital Marketing: 5 Ways to Better Reach Your Audience


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Better reach your audience with 5 tips for digital marketing. A woman sitting at a desk on a tablet.

The saying “build it, and they will come” isn’t always true among small and medium-sized companies. 

“They,” in this case, is your target market. These are the people to who you want to reach out with your products and services.

Now, If you’re in a crowded industry with lots of competitors, trying to reach your audience is hard enough. Things become even more difficult if you don’t have deep pockets like more prominent brands to execute your marketing plan.

From the very start, you’re already working at a disadvantage along with other small companies. Nonetheless, you still have a fighter’s chance to reach your target customers. Instead of using traditional marketing practices, you’ll have to resort to digital marketing theories and practices, which are just as effective. 

Therefore, if you can’t get your audience’s attention, you will have to reach out and grab it. For starters, you or your marketing managers can implement the digital marketing tactics and strategies below to get people to notice you effectively.

How to Reach Your Audience

Create Useful and Valuable Content 

Reaching your audience man with glasses smiling as he reads his valuable and engaging content on his laptop

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best and most enduring ways to deliver your site to your audience. However, unlike other marketing strategies, they work under a different pretense.

Instead of site owners such as yourselves reaching out to people with your content, it’s the other way around. People will be the ones who will search for the topic you covered in your content. 

However, you can’t just rank any page on Google using providing value to your audience with your content.

Providing users with relevant pages about their queries, Google, Bing, and other search engines will encourage users to keep using their websites. Their search spiders constantly scour the web for the best pages to answer user queries and feature them on search results.  

Your goal now is to observe the best on-page SEO practices to increase your chances of ranking on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) and gain a competitive advantage.

To do this, you need to conduct keyword research by targeting phrases that people search for. Ranking on the first page for these keywords allows you to deliver your content to your audience, which is as good as reaching out to them.

Engage on Social Media

A woman on social media on her laptop.

There’s a reason why Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media networks are some of the most popular and visited websites out there. They help connect people wherever they may be through the content created on their respective platforms.

Social media is a dynamic marketing channel that requires engagement from both sides to make it work. Your content is only as effective as the number of people liking and sharing it with their network.

At this point, you should have published high-quality content that your audience would want to read. However, some of your content pieces aren’t ranking on Google yet. Therefore, the next best course of action is to share them on social media actively.

You can create a content calendar and schedule your content to go live at intervals using a social media management tool. You can also ask questions and run polls on social media to engage your audience and get insights from them. From here, you can reply and comment on their posts to keep the conversation going.

Depending on your audience, you can use social media for your viral marketing strategy. Create videos similar to the trending ones on platforms where you can find most of your audience.

Consistently doing this on social media allows you to build an online following, thus making it easier for you to reach your audience.

Launch Email Outreach Campaign

person typing on their laptop for email marketing

Email outreach is a form of relationship marketing tactic that is challenging to pull off correctly. However, your marketing efforts in launching an outreach campaign the right way will pay off.

In a nutshell, this marketing process requires you to email website owners or bloggers to either link or share your piece of content that their audience may like.

To do this, you’ll have to narrow down your prospects, find their email addresses using an email verifier tool like Hunter, write a convincing email pitch, and hope for the best.

When looking for site owners to reach out to, you need to find sites with the same audience as yours. You can do this by running market research by looking at their content pieces. You also need to check if they generate lots of website traffic and have many social media followers.

The key here is to leverage their authority and tap into their audience so you can get more eyeballs to your website once the site owners share your content. If people like your content, it may convince them to jump ship to your site and follow you moving forward.

To increase your chances of convincing site owners to link or share your content, you either have to build a relationship with them first or do something for them in return. Regarding the latter, you can share their content first on your website or social media as a sign of goodwill. 

Run Paid Ads

pay per click to run ads to help reach your audience

Paid ads are the exact opposite of SEO. Instead of waiting for some time before you get your pages to rank on Google, a paid ad campaign will show your page for the keywords you bid on. 

Some keywords are more expensive than others due to different variables. Therefore, your allotted budget dictates the quality of your campaign for this marketing activity.

On the other hand, social media ads allow you to extend your reach by promoting the post directly to your demographic. 

The greater the audience of your chosen demographic, the more expensive the campaign will become.

Regardless of which ad platform you wish to run for your business, expect higher conversion rates and sales compared to other marketing strategies on this list.

Reach your Audience With Chatbots

Romain Berg website with chat bot example

Chatbots are widgets that appear on screen to engage with site visitors. Normally, they are used as an alternative to customer service as they automatically answer questions visitors may have about your products or services.

However, you can also use chatbots as an engagement tool to get visitors to communicate with you on your site. Remember that just because they visit your website doesn’t mean they will do something on your site to become prospects or customers. Most of the time, they need a bit of a push to further reach out to them. This is where chatbots come in handy.

Using a chatbot tool of your choice, you can create a workflow that promotes content that they may be interested in reading. Or you can use it to recommend your innovative products or provide sales assistance to help add more revenue to your business.

In Conclusion

Someone pulling a block that reads "customer engagement" from a stack of blocks. Reach your audience and engage your customers with these tips.

Small businesses and digital marketing go hand in hand. Pulling off any of the marketing campaigns above won’t require you a huge budget. As long as you know how to determine your audience, you can launch scalable campaigns using digital marketing tools guaranteed to grow your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you’re interested in developing more strategies for reaching your audience, contact Romain Berg. Romain Berg is a comprehensive digital marketing agency with the tools and expertise you need to better reach your target audience. Contact Romain Berg today, and take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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