An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Agile Business Development


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Agile business development for entrepreneurs emerged from the concept of agile software development. It is an approach used to help companies build a flexible organization capable of reacting fast to unpredictable changes. It gives the organization a framework for working through change on its own, without sinking into chaos. 

Agile methods emerged from the struggle. Driven from where companies were having difficulty with sales, marketing, and developing business, agile business development focuses on new relationships with a development plan emphasis. 

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The Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make During Business Development

There are many mistakes entrepreneurs make during the development process that may be costly in productivity and cost. The following is a list of common mistakes: 

  • Too much or too little time spent on design
  • Not understanding requirements before work has already started
  • Poor knowledge of customer satisfaction and needs, so the development team does unnecessary work or needs to come up with a new plan
  • Conflict amongst team members about direction and role, especially after work has already begun
  • Not identifying preventable issues and risks before they end up blocking progress
  • Failure in identifying work needed for a release until the actual date of the release
  • Finding defects late in the release cycle, holding up the actual release
  • Allowing for defects that could have been prevented and may hurt a company’s reputation
  • Context switching due to priority changes
  • Team downtime while awaiting customer feedback and decisions from those in charge

The agile business works by encouraging a balance between pre-planning working with clients and smooth coordination amongst workers. An experienced entrepreneur or business partner can guide younger employees and startups through this process. 

The Values of an Agile Business Model

Serial entrepreneurs have recommended a framework for developing an agile manifesto. There are four values or agile principles to follow: 

  • Value individuals and interactions over processes and tools. People first!
  • Make sure something works during the product development process, before worrying about perfecting documentation, requirements, and fine details. 
  • Focus on customer collaboration over contract negotiations. Understand what customers need and provide, so there is less to negotiate. 
  • Understand change is inevitable and be willing to accommodate. Following a rigid plan without flexibility will likely lead to failure. 


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What to Look for in a Scrum Master and How It’s Helpful in Agile Business Development

In agile product management, a scrum master will help to facilitate work by eliminating obstacles. They should go with client appointments, help close sales, and work with the team on delivery. Eventually, a scrum master will help generate the right activity, improving products and services. 

A scrum master will help a company through agile development processes. Many companies struggle to identify what they are selling, who they are selling to, and the presentation. Product owners and companies continue to do the same thing over and over with little results. 

Significantly, they will help identify a way to measure effort and have metrics to find both strengths and weaknesses in business units. A scrum master can be an asset to agile business development for entrepreneurs in many ways. 

How Agile Business Development Models for Entrepreneurs Help You Succeed

Agile business sets customer (client) interaction as a priority for companies and entrepreneurs. If you are not interacting with clients, then you have no framework to develop. You must know their needs, wants, and goals for you to succeed. 

An agile business development plan for entrepreneurs will drive the facilitation of appointments and interactions. Micro-campaigns are helpful that target the right contacts. 

Through social networks such as LinkedIn, or email marketing, and even phone conversations, companies can bring a specific message to clients through a micro-campaign. Agile business identifies who those clients are to get the right campaign for that group. 

After campaigns, companies assess successes and failures. Then they drive a new campaign to more clients. Data is collected to see what works and to guide decisions. 

It all ties into a retrospective. 

The Cycle of an Agile Business Development for Entrepreneurs

After micro-campaigns, usually around the 30-day mark or more, it is vital to do a retrospective. Companies look at what good happened, what needs to be improved, and what actions to take. 

It is essential to evaluate metrics. When addressing metrics, focus on appointments. If you do not speak to prospects, then the rest of the cycle fails. 

After appointments, address follow-ups and proposals. What is working in each of these areas? What is not working? What appointments, meetings and sales is the company driving from each marketing campaign? 

Always focus on the client, specifically new clients, over dollars and sales. Metrics should tell you who they are and where they are coming from. Use this information to launch to new clients. 

It is crucial in agile business development for entrepreneurs to evaluate follow-up. Look at false funnels. Many companies have too many funnels and contacts. 

Contacts that are not moving or who are unable to be contacted should be removed from form-focused funneling. It is essential not to remove them entirely; instead, turn the focus on contacts who show movement. 

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Analyzing Success, Mistakes, and Changes in Product Development

Quality appointments drive success. Entrepreneurs and companies must consider the clients and customers they are targeting. The goal is to focus on clients similar to those who brought in success in the past. 

Mistakes also have to be addressed. A standard error in agile business development is not managing or measuring the business process or resources. They may not have metrics or a way to measure data. 

The most significant mistake companies and entrepreneurs make is not being open to change. They keep doing the same thing repeatedly, yet expect or hope for different results that never come. 

Make changes based on what the market is demanding. The market drives pricing, product offering, and the message you want to move. 

To determine market demand, ask questions rather than assuming. What do prospects think of a product? How about price and pitch? Continue to adjust and make changes until you see the desired results. 

Successful plans focus on outbound contacts. They put effort into email campaigns, LinkedIn messages, mining existing relationships, and making phone calls. For real success, it is vital to maintain connections. 

The essential advice for success in agile business development for entrepreneurs is to keep it simple. Accept what is not working and be willing to try something new. 

How Romain Berg Can Help You With Agile Business Development

Romain Berg has a network of innovative speakers, lively events (including online!), and informative blogs that help you win in agile business development. 

No one can succeed in a vacuum, and Romain Berg pledges to inform, equip, and support you in running a successful business at the top tier of achievement in your industry. 

We look forward to connecting you online (now and always) and in person (soon). Click HERE to stay in touch and receive regular updates from our team to yours. Our members help us keep our fingers on the business community’s pulse in the Twin Cities and beyond. 

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