How To Practice the Perfect Elevator Pitch


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In a fast-paced world, your first impression must be quick and memorable. When the opportunity to sell yourself comes, you have to be ready to take it. That’s where having a perfect elevator pitch is crucial. Whether you’re on an *actual elevator* with a possible lead or you’re making the rounds at a networking event, having a solid elevator pitch at the ready is essential. 

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What is an elevator pitch, and why do you need one? The elevator pitch is a quick soundbite about your business offerings useful for opening doors to new opportunities as well as professional development. Having a confident pitch will make you stand out to prospective clients and help you build your business.

A great elevator pitch should take no more than 30 seconds or 75 words, but it should include these key details:

  • Who you are and what you do;
  • What you can offer the other person;
  • What you’re asking the other person to do for you.

Step By Step

How can you craft a memorable and unique elevator pitch? Whether you want to impress a potential new investor or make a connection at a networking event, the methodology is the same. You aim to make a great impression to ensure that your prospect will keep your name in mind for future opportunities. 

1. Write It Out

Make a list of everything your business does. This list might be long. The key is to narrow your list to one specific idea that encapsulates your premier offerings and that you can talk about with passion. What excites you will give your elevator pitch a natural effervescence and make it more memorable to the prospect. 

2. Consider What You Can Offer

Consider what you have to offer that will make you an irresistible catch: your USP or unique selling proposition. Your USP is what sets you apart from any other competitor in the industry and sparks interest in your service or business. You want to broadcast how you will make your prospects’ lives better. Include interesting or memorable details that will grab their attention. 

3. Frame the Ask

No elevator pitch is complete without “the ask.” This part clarifies what you want and directly asks the prospect for it. “I’d love to set up a meeting so we can talk more.” or “I’d be happy to draft a proposal for you. Let’s keep in touch.” 

4. Pave the Way for an Alternate Ending

You can also end your speech with a question related to your pitch, which provides your prospect an opportunity to engage with you and keep the conversation going. For example: “How does your company deal with X issue?” or “Do you have members in your team who offer this quality of service?” Your pitch should naturally open the door for further connection and opportunity.

Tips for a Great Pitch:

  • Enthusiasm is key to delivering a pitch that feels authentic and that you will genuinely feel good about sharing. 

Example: Hi, my name is Amanda, and I’m a content creator in the healthcare technology industry. 

  • Use conversational language to sound natural. Avoid industry-specific terms so as not to alienate a potential new connection.

Example: My goal is to create a positive emotional connection for the customer, so they feel heard and understood by my company. 

  • Don’t rush (and don’t forget to breathe!).
  • Tailor your pitch to specific audiences as appropriate.

Example: I see you work for United Healthcare; I’ve done lead campaigns with other insurance companies to drive interest in life insurance. 

  • Practice, practice, practice (in fact, that one’s so important it gets its own heading)…

Practice That Elevator Pitch

Practicing your pitch is crucial to delivering it flawlessly. Your speech must not sound like a sales pitch. You want your elevator speech to feel natural and conversational, which is why practicing ahead of time is so important. Here are a few tips to make your pitch feel more natural:

  • Deliver it in front of a mirror.
  • Record yourself making the pitch.
  • Practice with a friend or family member.
  • Ask a friend or family member to pitch your idea back to you.
  • Bonus: Practice on a stranger. Or if you’re in a networking or entrepreneur group on Facebook, you can post your pitch there for feedback from others. And of course, you can join the community at Romain Berg, where we frequently have plenty of resources to help you perfect your technique.

refine your elevator pitch

Helpful Feedback

Practice your pitch with others so you can get some redirection on how to deliver your pitch effectively. Practicing with strangers will also allow you to gauge how your pitch lands with someone outside of your field. 

Find opportunities to deliver it to someone at a coffee shop, standing in line, or at a non-industry-related gathering. 

The key is to practice with people who might seem busy or distracted so that you can see which words trigger their interest. And be ready for negative feedback if you ask for it! Allow it to inspire you towards crafting an even better pitch for next time.

Join the Romain Berg Community

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Join the Romain Berg community, and together we’ll help you use that new elevator pitch to expand your opportunities and meet your professional goals. Our community of professionals is waiting for you: let’s get started. 

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