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team manager trying to make remote teams work for business

With advances in technology and the arrival of Covid-19, the American workforce looks a lot different than it used to. Making remote teams work successfully is the current challenge that a lot of businesses are facing.

We at Romain Berg believe entrepreneurs and leaders can meet this challenge if they have the right tools: a modern support system that empowers leadership to guide their teams to be prosperous and productive. 

Being an entrepreneur can be intimidating enough without a big shift in how your company does business. It is a step into the unknown, and you are the one leading. We can help you navigate and are happy to support you in any way we can. 

If we’ve sparked your interest, or you’re ready to be the best remote leader you can be, feel free to visit our site. You’ll find a welcoming community of others who know what you’re going through. You will also find blogs, courses, podcasts, and more. 

teamwork makes the dream work for remote teams

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Physically working in the same space is a great way to build a remote team. What do you do to build a team when you’re not physically together? We may have some ideas for you.

Having a face-to-face meeting with your entire remote team is a great place to start. It puts everyone on the same page and can be an outlet for your employees. With services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and, this is an easy step.

There are others, and they all offer a great way for teams to see each other. 

During a face-to-face meeting, dedicate the first or last few minutes to asking the team what they’re doing this weekend. Another popular idea is allowing chatting and mingling as well. This gives employees a chance to “see” each other and talk about something other than work. You’re trying to replicate the small talk that naturally happens in an office — around the water cooler, before and after meetings, at lunch, in the elevator.

Some great questions to ask to get your team bonding are: 

  • Does anyone have pets? Are they good coworkers?
  • Please tell us what room in your home you’re working from. 
  • Put your favorite gif in the chat.

A simple five-minute fun chat or silly question can set a light mood for your team and meeting. If the team can speak about fun non-work things from time to time, they will genuinely bond and have a good attitude when working together. 

During the same remote team meeting, use inclusive words like we and us. It’s good to remind your employees that you still see them as a team. 

A connection can also happen over face-to-face calls and video conferencing. There is something about seeing someone emote that can help anchor focus and cut down on possible miscommunication. 

Miscommunication can also be avoided by regularly being in touch with your teams and checking in with them one on one.

happy employee working with remote teams

Meet the Challenge to Make Remote Teams Work

When such a transition is moving from an office or workspace to a home environment, challenges are expected.

A variable to be considered is that the new workspace is in a person’s home. These can be distractions that would usually be taken care of with a lunchtime call or a quick text.

In many states, schools and daycares have closed, meaning that children may be a part of their work environment. Depending on the ages of the children in the household, they may have a shared workspace — one that may have kids doing schoolwork or playing in the same room.

Team members may also have to work in a more public space in their homes. The kitchen, living room, etc., maybe the only choice that they have. They might be sharing it with a spouse or roommate, too.

Empathy for your employees goes a long way here. 

Preparation is vital when leading a work-from-home (WFH) team. Ensuring that your team has a daily plan can make a huge difference. Even with the distractions from home, a good routine can keep people on track. 

Making sure that community documents or files are readily available is paramount. The more equipped everyone is, the better they will feel, and the better they will work. 

female employee working from home with remote teams

We’ve Got This!

Once a team is used to working at home, it may surprise you just how well they can do. For years, the opposite was thought to be the case. Maybe there would be too much distraction or not enough motivation. 

However, it can be stated that working from home can be successfully done as a team. 

In a 2017 TED Talk, Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom speaks about an almost two-year study he conducted on working from home.

In his study, he found that employees can actually be more productive, start on time, and be more focused. In fact, with the employees at home instead of being in buildings that needed to be paid for and maintained, the company saved money. 

Although this is excellent news, a notable drawback in the study was that most participants felt isolated to a certain degree. Isolation is an understandable feeling, especially if your team is usually physically together or certain team members are the only ones in their home while working. 

Going back to the point of video conferencing and social chat, those are great tools to combat this feeling. Team members can also feel supported by having daily or weekly check-ins with management. The connection here is very important in helping your team navigate their new normal.

The Right Stuff

We have dedicated ourselves to learning what does and does not work for successful entrepreneurs and leaders. You can find more on this topic in this blog on the attributes of a successful entrepreneur and what one can do to make teams successful. 

Entrepreneurs deserve someone in their corner. At Romain Berg, we want to support you in making your team reach its potential while working at home. More than that, we want to help you succeed.

Through our podcasts, videos, and live streams, we nurture and educate a large community of entrepreneurs and leaders like yourself. Connecting you to those who get what you are going through is vital to us.

We call Minneapolis our home, but we proudly support clients nationwide. We have been in the business of helping entrepreneurs meet their potential since 2007. Visit us online today to start a journey with us.

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