The Best Business Podcasts To Make You a Better Entrepreneur


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Business man listening to the best business podcasts.

In today’s modern world, everybody has their favorite podcast. Topics run from true crime, pop culture, celebrity gossip, history, world news, and so much more. Not surprisingly, the entrepreneurial world has latched onto podcasts as well, offering the best business podcasts with a wealth of information and inspiration.

No matter your niche industry, there is a podcast for you (or that will have relevant topics that cross over to your work). Romain Berg has a business podcast covering a wide range of issues central to entrepreneurship and success in our modern times. Tune in to browse topics and get started listening to a podcast made to help you succeed.

What are the best business podcasts?

Since there are many podcasts out there, you’ll want to start narrowing down your options. Focus on podcasts that are relevant to your field and that are actively releasing new content. Some have weekly podcasts and others share new episodes just once a month.

Some business-based education doesn’t go out of style. However, to keep up to date with the latest developments, make sure you’re listening to some that are current and hopefully cutting edge.

You can gauge the reliability of the content on a few things:

  • The size of their listenership
  • How active they are on social media platforms (check Linkedin for example)
  • The kinds of guests they host on their podcast
  • How regularly they release episodes
  • Their professional history and education
  • Their position as a business leader

Once you have narrowed down the podcasts that apply to your industry and interests, you can dig in to find episodes that address specific topics of interest.

Man listening to the best business podcasts.

How can podcasts benefit my company and me?

Small business podcasts are more than just easy listening. Since 2004 they have skyrocketed in popularity, creating a shareable media platform that delivers education and entertainment (the sweet spot between them: edutainment). But, if you aren’t convinced that podcasts will help you be better at business, there are plenty of reasons to disprove that idea.

Grow From Other’s Mistakes

Podcasts can be a blend of conversation, reporting, interviews, and clever sound engineering. They are engaging because of their content, but they can go further, helping you access ideas that you might not otherwise.

This is especially true for business growth podcasts, where hosts share stories about their journey as entrepreneurs. You can gain insight into their process and learn from the places where they missed the mark. In addition, the hosts often have retrospective insight to share, providing the listener with valuable information and wisdom.

Discover What Went Right 

Likewise, you can also tap into the success stories and understand which elements or processes supported their victories. Whether or not their story directly relates to your business, you can find parallels to draw insight from and help you reimagine any hurdles your business may be approaching. Marketing podcasts also can bring insights to approaches that pay off.

Woman working while listening to the best business podcasts.

Save Money While Learning From the Best

Many business thought leaders are regularly appearing as special guests on podcasts (or hosting their own!). They are sharing their wisdom and knowledge for 100% free. If you cannot attend workshops or seminars, this platform is a tremendously helpful place to continue educating yourself affordable and on your schedule.  Not to mention you have the chance at winning podcast offers that could give you a chance for individual insight.

Invest in Your Future Without Taking Time Off 

The experts you want to learn from are out there. Are you wanting to gain more practical expertise and can’t afford or return to school? There are podcasts focused on business topics to help bolster your continuing education.

You can find out the latest trends in digital marketing or learn how to delve deeper into your target audience while you are commuting, working out, or doing chores at home. And bonus, you don’t have to interrupt your regular schedule to get valuable insights from industry leaders around the world.

Stay Up To Date Without Missing a Beat

The best business podcasts will help grow your knowledge while also keeping you abreast of all innovation and industry trends. The digital space is continually evolving (suddenly, TikTok is a marketing platform!), and how you market to and connect with your customer base will evolve over time.

Your customers’ needs will also change, causing you to pivot and rethink your business model and methods. Many entrepreneurs have the same experiences. Tuning into podcasts allows you to learn from leaders and better understand the future of your industry.

Thoughtful man listening to the best business podcasts.

Grow Your Community

The beauty of podcasts is that the creators are making content for people like you. They want to release engaging, compelling episodes that their audience wants. This inherently creates better value for the episodes themselves because you know that thoughtful planning will go into them.

Many podcasts will incorporate “Q and A” style episodes, allowing you to hear questions from business owners or entrepreneurs. These episodes help on a few levels. They contribute to your education and community-building by:

  • Focusing on problem-solving for smaller-scale businesses
  • Creating connection by knowing that you’re not alone in a struggle
  • Exposing you to questions, you wouldn’t have thought to ask

Many podcasts will also create social media spaces where listeners can engage together or with the host. This provides another layer of interest and education. For businesswomen, you can find female entrepreneur podcasts to help get an entrepreneurial view that may speak to your experience.

The Best Business Podcast: Romain Berg Has You Covered

Hosted by entrepreneur and architect of business growth Rick Brimacomb, this podcast invites guest experts to speak on the business topics of the day. From marketing strategies to finding funding to the latest updates in eCommerce, we make this podcast to help your business take off.

Our podcast is available on all platforms that stream podcasts.

Romain Berg offers resources and educational opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their network and to help launch them as leaders in their industry. Join us today and gain the foundational support you need to build a business that can ride the waves of our ever-changing market.

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