10 Reasons We Love Instagram Ads for Businesses


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Advertising your business in a post-Coronavirus world requires a great deal of creativity. The rise of social media has simultaneously improved access and visibility while also making it harder to stand out.聽 Instagram is a platform with over 500 million users a day. This number makes it the perfect place to launch your brand, capture attention, and drive traffic. When it comes to social media ads, we are big fans of the 鈥榞ram. We recognize its reach, and its power in helping even small businesses enjoy their full potential and speak to a global audience. So just how can Instagram ads help your business? We offer the inside scoop. And, at Romain Berg, we provide results-based strategic collaboration for all your social media marketing.聽 Our methods drive increased traffic and conversions with no hype. Fill out our contact form today and make your social media feeds work for your business.

Easy to grab your target market

With well over a billion users a month, there is an extremely high chance that your target market will be on Instagram. The platform is considered the second most popular social media option, making it perfect for engaging with your desired customers. This solution helps you to solve half the battle!

Video ads help offer increased engagement

Beautiful young female blogger recording vlog video with makeup cosmetic at home online influencer on social media concept.live streaming viralExtensive research from marketers and advertisers shows us that video ads tend to be the most engaging. As human beings, we are primarily visual creatures with limited attention spans.聽 As a result, a short, punchy video is far more likely to grab and keep our attention than a wall of text. Instagram offers the option to include video ads in your feed and story – perfect for getting your brand message across in no time. You may also add a 60- second sponsored ad, in addition to traditional 15-second story posts.

Be creative with ads

The flexibility of Instagram is another major point in its favor. Brands can blend videos, stories, individual images, and promo posts. You can even tailor your grid to promote a specific tone, and really personalize the overall experience for your customer.聽 If you know your target market likes images over text, focus on photos to tell the story. Conversely, a fast-paced, action-packed product may benefit from high speed and to-the- point videos; also an option. Or you can blend these two types of ad – and others – as and when required.

Show off your product

Product photography shoot of shoesThe visual nature of Instagram means that it is the perfect place to show off your product. You no longer have to rely on creative descriptions or tempting text – your customers can see the product from every angle.聽 This addition is essential for helping to inform your buyers, as well as displaying your products in action. Viewers can make an informed decision, as well as receiving inspiration from a carefully crafted image.

Reach a global audience

Part of the power of Instagram comes from its global reach – and this is excellent news for business. This platform is an easy way to reach millions of potential consumers across the globe.聽 Used correctly, this is perfect for introducing your brand and product to every corner of the planet. It also gives you access to information from across the world. This data can then be invaluable in tightening target audiences and establishing demographics.

Make the most of influencers

social media technology influencer recording unboxing video at homeThe rise of social media has birthed an unusual career aspiration: Instagram influencers. These guys and gals can be the secret to success if utilized properly, and offer plenty of potential. Connecting with key influencers helps to showcase your brand in the most favorable light, and many of these can be found on Insta.

Unobtrusive story ads

One of the most popular features of the site is their stories, which are perfect for advertisements. Unlike ads on other websites, the Insta story option doesn鈥檛 look like your typical, obtrusive ad. Uninterested parties can easily skip them, and so feel less like spam than more traditional advertising options.

Perfect for direct response ads

In 2014, Instagram Sponsored ads were reserved and designed primarily for brand awareness. Since then, however, the platform has evolved and developed and is now perfect for direct response advertisers.聽 The ability to create a highly engaging ad – be that a static photo or video – has paved the way for direct advertisers. You now have an awesome chance to draw customers to your landing page, directly from an Instagram post.

Tell your brand story

what's your story over a smart phone on blur background , business conceptThere is no denying that people love a good story, and at its heart, this is the crux of advertising. Instagram is a visual platform, and this means that you can really place people at the heart of your campaign.聽 Focus on telling the story of your brand from the start, capturing real audience responses and emotions. This is integral in building meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers. Target their emotional heartstrings, and you are sure to be onto a winner.

Generate plenty of engagement

A significant element of effective advertising is, of course, promoting and facilitating audience engagement. Instagram is a platform designed for this, and again, this is crucial for building authentic relationships with your customers.聽 Take the time to respond to comments, develop connections, and craft hashtags. This allows your brand to build a community that extends far beyond a mere product. It also makes the sales process more appealing, personal, and meaningful for your customers.

Time to Take The Next Step!

Instagram is a social media platform that seems firmly here to stay, and it has the potential to transform your business. When used correctly, this tool offers a key insight into your customers.聽 It is also valuable in allowing you to cultivate a particular brand image and communicating this effectively to your audience. Showcase your products with high-quality visuals and grab attention quickly with a dynamic, on-brand video. Part of the appeal of Instagram is its flexibility; the tools are there for you to create whatever is the best fit for your brand. Still a little lost? Head over to Romain Berg and fill out our contact form! We can help with developing a solid Instagram strategy, which makes the most of everything the platform has to offer.聽 It is time to take your business to the next level. Let us help you to take full advantage of a global platform that maximizes your reach. Now is the time to promote your product, generate sales, and help your brand to receive the attention it deserves.

About the Author

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

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