Are Snapchat Ads a Thing for Business? How to Find Out If You Belong There.


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Group of people on laptops and mobile devices, checking their snapchat accounts

Group of people on laptops and mobile devices, checking their snapchat accounts

Love it or loathe it; there is no denying that social media has transformed how businesses market themselves. Small businesses, in particular, can really benefit from the extensive exposure, varied audiences, and reachability of social media advertising. 

You are probably familiar with Facebook ads, maybe confident on Twitter, and still confused by Pinterest (don’t worry, we all are). To spice things up, we introduce the cuckoo in the nest: Snapchat.

For most of us, Snapchat is just an excuse to see how we would look with dog-ears. We might also take advantage of a super-flattering filter for the perfect selfie. 

Snapchat ads, however, are a potential way to reach your customers and boost your marketing campaign. With users accessing the application around 25 plus times a day, this could be a significant method you are missing out on.

So just how do Snapchat ads work, and can they really help your business? Here at Romain Berg, we did our homework to see how you could benefit.

What Are Snapchat Ads?

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In the simplest terms, Snapchat ads are paid advertisements posted on the social media application Snapchat. With over 200 million active daily users, this is one of the biggest platforms in the world.Most of the tremendous amount of traffic and engagement comes from natural and organic content – seemingly the opposite of rigid paid ads.

There are a vast range of features, along with the opportunity to take advantage of augmented reality. Both of these mean that Snapchat can be the perfect platform for brand awareness. 

The rise of lenses and filters also offers a fun, interactive way to reach your customers – all of which are perfect for ads.

The Types of Ads

Snapchat comes with three main types of ads available to marketers: filters, lenses, and SnapAds


We are all familiar with the classic Snapchat filter and have become accustomed to selfies emblazoned with dog ears. The platform has evolved, however, incorporating real-life locations and events. 

This change allows users to interact and connect instantly with what is in front of them. Take a picture at a football game, and you will find the corresponding filter to add there and then.

Did you know, however, that you can create your own filter? A savvy designer can create a branded filter, which is location specific and targeted to your image. This feature can also be perfect for highlighting your physical premises.


Similarly, users can play with augmented reality by adding a lens to their photos. Add your product to their hand, allow them to try on products, or simply pull a goofy face. All of these allow your customers to interact with your brand, raising awareness.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are more typical and familiar to those used to social media marketing. They consist of a full-screen video with sound. These ads work to collect leads, install an app, or capture users’ attention by offering a trailer or sneak preview.

How Can Snapchat Help My Business?

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Snapchat is a global platform, and, used correctly, can have a significant impact on your business. By thinking outside the box, you can get your brand and image across to a global audience. 

Snapchat contains a massive arsenal of weapons – if you can figure out the best way to utilize them. Here are some of the top ways Snapchat could help:

    1. It offers the chance to collect leads: Snap ads can be used to direct customers to your website via a link or swipe up. This trick makes them perfect for obtaining valuable information and analytics about your audience. Such data is invaluable for future marketing campaigns.
    2. It keeps things fresh: There was once a time where announcing news, deals, and launches on Twitter was considered cutting edge, but the world changes fast. To stay fresh, current, and relevant, get on board with Snapchat.
    3. It allows direct-to-audience interactions: One of the benefits of small businesses is that sense of the personal, and Snapchat is perfect for this. Whether answering a query, launching a competition, or announcing an offer, the ability to speak straight to followers is valuable. This feature helps to generate an intimate, personalized feel, which is crucial for smaller set-ups.
    4. It is perfect for Influencers: Take your business to the next level by partnering with celebs and influences. These guys will have an astronomical number of Snapchat followers and are the perfect way to reach a global audience.
    5. It allows instant feedback: Part of a successful business is learning to adapt, and the 24/7 nature of Snapchat is perfect for this. Run a poll or vote, and you can receive instant, to-the-second feedback, which can really inform your brand and direction.
    6. It allows you to have fun: In a world where we all feel hyper-aware of consumerism and the trend to “sell sell sell,” lighthearted fun is always appreciated. Add a kitten nose or stormy rain cloud, and connect with your audience in a low-pressure, relatable way.
    7. It offers a guaranteed delivery: Sending out emails is a great way to connect, but you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd or sent to Spam. Sending a Snap is quick and effective, and will simply wait quietly for your customer to open. No expiration date or pressure – your customers are firmly in control.
    8. It is flexible: The three types of Snap Ads – filters, ads, and lenses – can all be used individually, or combined for a broader campaign. This versatility is perfect for a range of businesses and targeted marketing. Run a trailer as a teaser for your next release, while you send an alert for a limited deal with a filter. Use a lens to promote your new product, and a video ad to direct new leads to your page.

The versatility and flexibility mean you can really tailor your marketing campaign to specific audiences. This fact allows for a closer, more intimate, and relevant connection.


If you are ready to take your business to the next level, Snapchat is the way to go. Head over to Romain Berg for a consultation and some advice on how we could help. It could be the best call you ever make for your business!


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