6 Things you Must do on Quora to Drive More Traffic to Your Website


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Everyone has own opinion. Group of millennial people holding empty white speech bubbles, free space

All we need is another social media platform, right? Perhaps you’ve just gotten into your LinkedIn or Twitter jam, and now another community demands your attention as a business owner.

It’s easy to have a negative attitude about social platforms, especially if you aren’t using them effectively to grow your business. Quora presents a unique way to dive into your audience community and improve your business visibility as well as your website traffic.

Stay with us as we outline Quora’s mission and how to win with this unique, crowd-sourced answer factory. 

Romain Berg is a full-service digital marketing agency that can help you create and implement a superior social media marketing strategy. Fill out our contact form today to get started, and meanwhile, hop over to Quora and have a look around.

How Quora works

Everyone has own opinion. Group of millennial people holding empty white speech bubbles, free spaceQuora is the place to ask questions online. Any question. Whether you want to know more about how light functions in a vacuum, or why your favorite color should be green, the Quora community will answer your question.

Humans love to have the answers. We often fear asking questions for how they will make us look to others, but we love to answer them, right? Quora provides the ideal platform for experts from every corner of the globe to weigh in on their bodies of knowledge. 

And they do, every day. Some of the biggest names in industry, tech, science, business, marketing, and all the other knowledge zones jump on Quora to be the one with the answers.

Plus, anyone can answer a posted question, so all the other regular people can weigh in where they have a bit of knowledge to share as well. It’s a brilliant system, really. 

We can learn from the best minds and a huge variety of perspectives and life experiences. No matter how famous they are, everyone can have a turn to answer a question.

Getting on Quora is simple: log on with your Facebook or Google credentials, or create a separate login and, boom, you’re in.

Start answering questions for practice

The businessman in positive yes answer isolated on white backgroundYou can browse the general feed for subjects of interest to you, and you can weigh in wherever you want. Quora will keep track of the questions you’ve asked and answered each day. 

Quora also uses your engagement to send you more questions of which you may have knowledge. You can also search for a variety of topics related to your brand or products, and jump into the answer mix all you want.

The best responses get upvoted (the Quora word for “featured”) by other followers, which can drive more visibility to your responses if your post is selected.

As you’re getting started, pay attention to the content of the upvoted responses in the questions you find. You’ll gain valuable clues for how to structure future responses for the best chance to be highlighted by other users.

Here’s the kicker: it’s okay–in fact, it’s smart– to include relevant links into your answers as well as your questions. These links can be to your web pages (thanks, Captain Obvious), or to other online places you own or curate.

See what people are asking, and ask questions too

You can search topics relevant to your brand, products, or services, and provide answers and links in your responses. The more present and consistent you are on the platform, the more followers and conversions you stand to gain.

Plus, you can find out if anyone out there has questions about your company specifically. After you find and respond to your Quora audience, you can also use their queries to create improved content for your website visitors too, which may improve your SEO as a bonus.

Though it’s fun to answer any little thing on Quora, you can establish your expertise and experience on a few key topic areas that tie in closely to your company.

Build a strong Quora foundation

a man and a woman in business attire facing a blackboard, with two arms drawn in chalk flexing the musclesAs with all social media platforms, you get what you give. Engaging with the existing Quora audience and creating your own takes time and effort, especially at first.

Do the following to help build your success and visibility on Quora:

  1. Create a stellar profile with photos, credentials, and experience. This is where you tell the world how you are an authority in your favorite subject matter.
  2. Embrace the mind of an author when answering questions. Be engaging, witty, informative, and approachable in your responses. No one loves a lecture. Also, do a grammar and spelling check before hitting the “post” button.
  3. Visuals often speak more than words, plus they make your answers more interesting to the reader. Include legally downloaded images, appropriate personal photos, flow charts, or other visual aids that serve to clarify your responses.
  4. Link to more in-depth articles in the same topics–anything that would lend increased validation to your response.
  5. Find the questions that have the most followers and the highest number of views.
  6. Be a presence. Don’t just drop in when you have a minute and answer questions willy-nilly. Be a consistent and reliable contributor. 

If you love Quora, Quora will love you back

satisfied male business owner in blue blazer and red tie sitting at his desk with laptopIn the social media jungle, the best platforms to use are the ones about which you’re excited. If you get on Quora and it’s boring you to sleep, posting there will become a chore instead of a lark.

You can use your existing social media platforms to find out if and how often your customer base hangs out on Quora. Best social media practices include spending the most time where your people are.

Also, if you find yourself spending hours in fascination and Q and A banter on Quora, this could be the place to focus your organic social media efforts. 

When you add a bit of digital marketing strategy to your new Quora hobby, your new favorite past time becomes a valuable part of your business visibility.

At Romain Berg, we help our clients craft their social media presence based on relevance and audience accessibility. We’ll help you discern how often, which topics, and what content to post on Quora and everywhere else your audience shows up online.

Visit our website today to discover our extensive digital marketing service menu for your business. No matter which online platform is trending right now, we always deliver results, not hype.


About the Author

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

Sam Romain

Sam Romain

Digital marketing expert, data interpreter, and adventurous entrepreneur empowering businesses while fearlessly embracing the wild frontiers of fatherhood and community engagement.

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