WordPress Hosting: How does Kinsta stack up?


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business man holding tablet on a desk with a 3-d display of multiple web pages arrayed on the deskWhen selecting a platform for your business website, WordPress is one of our favorites at Romain Berg. We love the versatility, flexibility, and professional quality of WordPress hosting.

When you select Romain Berg as your website builder and SEO specialist, you’ve essentially hit the “easy” button on your website. If you contact us today, we’ll build out your branded website that ranks and converts. 

If you’re still researching how best to get started with your site or if you need a better platform, we’re here to help you vet your options. Read on for a valuable primer on WordPress hosting, and a new player in the hosting game called Kinsta.

Why does my website need a host?

A website without a host does not exist. Web hosts are the companies that provide the hardware (servers) and software that get your site onto the internet. 

Some hosts offer basic services, and some are more all-inclusive and feature an extensive menu of bells and whistles from integrated apps to top-of-the-line SEO. You typically get what you pay for by way of loading speed, shared vs. managed hosting, and extras.

And, a WordPress host is a company that specializes in hosting WordPress websites. These companies are up on the latest WordPress software updates, plugins, and everything else WordPress. So, if you select WordPress as your web platform, it makes sense to choose a host that plays well with WP.

WordPress hosting exists to create user-friendly websites to build and manage. With a WordPress host, you’ll be able to select or change website themes, get new plugins, add images, and much more.

Managed vs. Shared hosting

Customer care, manage employee, human resources, life insurance, employment agency and marketing segmentation concepts, office in background, wide banner composition.Before we dive into our Kinsta review, let’s break down one more decision about web hosting: Should you choose managed or shared hosting for your site? 

Generally, if you’re a smaller company with no plans to scale up significantly, a shared hosting option is often cheaper and sometimes easier to employ. 

Shared hosting means you share a server with other companies using the same host. Shared servers may impact your page loading speed and your percentage of “up” time. You’ll also likely get security and plugin updates as part of your package, as well as a one-click WordPress installer.

With managed hosting, you don’t share a server, which positively affects many aspects of website performance. Managed hosting is also more expensive, but offers your site room to grow and serve a broader audience.

Why Kinsta is a cool choice for Worpress hosting

Here are a few of the reasons we think Kinsta is one to watch for WordPress hosting:

  • It really is that fast: Kinsta’s cloud-based platform adds a face-melting quality to their speed. Faster speeds mean radically improved SEO and user experience.
  • Kinsta is supported by Google Cloud Platform’s world-wide private network of cloud servers, which means, you guessed it, even more speed.
  • It’s like having your own server silo: Kinsta takes managed hosting to a new level. All hosting resources are private, even if you have multiple websites in house, they all get their own cloud-based server.
  • Uptime guaranteed to 99.9%: No more thumb-twiddling while waiting out errors or site crashes. Kinsta aims to stop “internet breakage” in its tracks.
  • With Kinsta, technical worries go down, and content management goes up: Kinsta will do the tech work of updates on your site while you focus on content to enhance your audience’s relevance and create new stuff, improve your services, and effortlessly tell all your people about it.
  • Support, support, support: When you have a question, Kinsta has an answer. And reference articles. And check-ups to make sure you’re okay, your cat is okay, and your dinner is yummy. (Well maybe not those last few things, but still, they do an excellent job with follow up.)
  • An easy break-up with your old hosting service: In other words, set-up and migration are seamless, with no awkward phone calls about coming to get your toothbrush and the sweater you left behind.
  • Kinsta is safe and secure. Even if you spill coffee on your laptop: you’ll get automatic daily backups, event backups, and manual backups on Kinsta.
  • Kinsta is ideal for busineses with “scale” in their future, with the ability to handle traffic spikes any time they occur. Downside: there are fees for large-volume visits, but you’ll get notifications as your usage cap approaches 80% and 100%.

Every host has a downside

Businessman showing gesture with thumb down - isolated on black backgroundThough Kinsta prides itself on speedy and relevant customer service, you won’t get to talk to a person.  All their help requests happen via online chat or work ticket. Kinsta defends this practice by citing that a written record of troubleshooting is superior to a phone conversation.

However, many humans feel more comfortable getting help from voice-to-voice conversations over online chat threads. 

You’ll also have to get a separate email host with Kinsta as they don’t provide an inbox as part of their WordPress hosting. Since they work within the Google Cloud platform, Kinsta recommends getting a G suite business account, which will add $5.00 to your monthly bill.

Begin as you mean to go on

woman in white dress standing in front of blackboard with picture of scales balancingWhen you ponder the capabilities of your ideal website, what comes up for you? Do you expect a huge jump in your website traffic in the coming months?

Are you preparing to launch new products, have a seasonal sale, change your branding, sell the company, or something else?

If you intend any actions that may scale your business significantly, Kinsta could be an ideal hosting choice for you, even though the investment may be higher than what you currently pay. 

When choosing a WordPress host, think carefully about both your “now” biz goals and your “next” areas of growth. If loading speed and user experience are at the top of your list with anticipated traffic explosions, Kinsta is a solid choice.

When you need outsourcing support on your website build, SEO, PPC, and all other aspects of digital marketing contact the experienced team at Romain Berg. We create and implement your customized digital marketing strategy on results, not hype. 


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