Bots, short for robots, refer to automated software applications that perform tasks over the internet. These tasks can range from simple, repetitive actions to complex, intelligent processes. Bots are widely used for various purposes, including customer service through chatbots that can simulate conversation with users, providing them with information or assistance. Search engine bots crawl and index web content to facilitate efficient information retrieval. Social media bots automate posts and interactions, sometimes used for marketing or to influence public opinion. Malicious bots can be involved in cyber attacks, such as spreading malware or conducting denial-of-service attacks. The development and deployment of bots are driven by the need for efficiency and scalability in digital operations, allowing for the automation of tasks that would otherwise require significant human labor. As technology advances, bots are becoming more sophisticated, incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their functionality and responsiveness, making them an integral part of the digital landscape.

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