SIS or Search Impression Share

Search Impression Share, often abbreviated as SIS, is a metric used in digital marketing to assess the visibility of ads within the context of online searches. It represents the percentage of times an ad was shown in relation to the total number of times it was eligible to be displayed. This eligibility is determined by various factors, including targeting settings, approval statuses, and the relevance of keywords to search queries. The Search Impression Share is crucial for advertisers to understand because it gives them insight into how often their ads could be seen by potential customers. A low Search Impression Share might indicate that there’s a lot of missed opportunities and that the ad campaign could be optimized to increase visibility. This could be achieved by adjusting bid amounts, improving ad quality, or refining keyword strategies. On the other hand, a high Search Impression Share suggests that the ads are competitive and have a strong presence in the search results. However, even with a high impression share, it’s important for marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads in terms of click-through rates and conversions to ensure that visibility is translating into actual business results.

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