3 Types of Content To Repurpose: How and Why


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Look, there are some instances when you should consider auditing and repurposing some of your content—like when you venture into a new area of business or go through a rebranding process. Your old content is still an asset, even if you’re going in a new direction—especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Yep, it’s time to repurpose content.

1 – How to Repurpose Blog Posts

top view of a young woman and a young man who works with a laptops. phone and tablet on the table. digital tablet with blank copy space screen for your information
“I’m gonna need another coffee for this, aren’t I?” The answer to that is always “yes,” btw.

Blog posts are some of the easiest types of content to purpose. As soon as you write something, you might have a hundred more ideas for a blog post that relates to that topic, right? The very act of blogging serves as a real outlet for brainstorming. Some of the highest quality, top-performing posts on this blog come as a result of an after-blogging brainstorm. And that’s what you want great blogs to do: generate ideas for readers—and for yourself.

How and Why Should You Repurpose Blog Posts

If you’ve written a high-level post, it’s likely that each main point could serve as its own piece of content, blog post or otherwise. We could feature an entire post (in the future) simply focusing on how you can repurpose blog posts. Right now we’re giving you an intro to that experience, but hopefully, you’ll be back 😉

It’s easier to explain some concepts in a video or even a discussion format. It might help you to understand how you could repurpose your blog post content better if we could check it out live and offer advice, right? It would definitely make an excellent live content presentation.

Sometimes new information comes out, and while your evergreen content is solid, it could use an update. Ten years ago, it was still best practice to repurpose blog content in other blogs, but video wasn’t a big factor in that equation. Things have changed and spread like wildfire, though. You’d still want to leave a blog post on content repurposing up there, but a new post including more updated methods would be useful. To improve SEO (search engine optimization), you should link these blog posts to each other, especially if your older post is ranking.

2 – How to Repurpose Video Content

Happy smiling elegant woman or beauty blogger with brush on recording video while review product make up tutorial for theme about video blogging on camera screen
Settle in, it’s time to revamp that video!

Videos are gold mines for repurposing content. Lots of people spend all this time on a video script or outline, make a wonderfully edited video, and post it—missing out on a ton of SEO opportunities due to description and repurposing. Video offers so much in the way of SEO viability and repurposing, and honestly, many people miss out.

Your video script should go in its own blog post, featuring the video in the center. This can improve SEO and engagement in several ways:

  • It alerts Google and your readers about the purpose of the video and its contents.
  • You surround your video with SEO-rich content.
  • You can increase time on page (an essential metric for ranking your site in the SERP [search engine results page]) because people will watch the video from your page, which takes time.

The best part about repurposing video content is that you can do most of the work upfront. Once you’re done your video, it’s a matter of proofreading a transcription of your post and writing an intro, outro, and CTA (call to action).

3 – How to Repurpose Live Presentations With Slides

SlideShare screenshot
LinkedIn + SlideShare = win.

Do you present live and in person (or even on the internet)? Those handy PowerPoint presentations, as well as video recordings of your presentations, are supremely helpful content. Most presentations are especially dense and informative, leaving several ways to take advantage of this content:

Your presentation itself can become excellent content over at SlideShare. Translate those views into inbound links by including information about your business or blog on the slides themselves and in the information below. SlideShare is part of LinkedIn now, meaning it’s directly tied to your professional profile and success.

Each point in your presentation could become its own blog post, podcast, or piece of video content. Think about it: your presentation has so much information, you could go into expert detail on each section. People also love 15-30 minute podcasts and videos, in particular, meaning you could break an hour-long presentation down into four audiovisual presentations with little difficulty and minimal effort. Um, score.

Podcasts or audio-only versions of your presentations are also useful. It’s as simple as stripping the audio from the video and republishing it with a unique intro and CTA. Or, if you have audio editing skills, check out the expanded format over at the TED Radio Hour on NPR. TED Radio Hour creates podcasts about unifying ideas, then includes snippets and interviews with TED speakers, and snippets of their original TED talks. That way, listeners get to hear about interdisciplinary views on one subject. Changing the way someone thinks about something (especially in business or as a business) is one of the most challenging and valuable things you can do, and repurposing into a podcast is a solid way to make that happen. Don’t forget to embed audio recordings and podcasts into your relevant blog posts.

How to Expand Your Audience With Repurposed Content

audience watching theater play
They’re ready. Give ’em what they’re looking for!

[bctt tweet=”Repurposed content is one of the best ways to capture a new audience, solidify content partnerships, and expand. ” username=”DominateWithSEO”]

Do you get asked to write a lot of guest posts? Repurposed content is a no-brainer for this purpose.

Firstly, your audience has already seen some version of it, so if you just produced the content you’re repurposing, you risk boring them (especially if you send it all out on social or have a robust email list).

Secondly, you know the idea’s a good one, and your content partner’s audience hasn’t seen you present on the idea yet. In this case, your CTA should lead them back to your site or service.

Thirdly, you’re still producing content for someone else’s site, and that may make you feel like you don’t want to put as much effort into it. Here’s the thing: with repurposed content, you don’t have to. You’ve already done most of the work.

If you’re into guest posting and swapping guest posts, offering up your repurposed content can also net you valuable content from other experts, as they will hopefully reciprocate.

Calling All Repurposers!

Are you ready to repurpose your existing content? Do you want to know which content on your site is most valuable, and also which opportunities are best for repurposing? Dominate With SEO is here to help. Let’s check out your website together to identify new opportunities for content creation. Call us today.

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